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At Guardian Data Systems we get more high risk merchant account applications approved from more legal, high risk industries than anyone else.  We provide merchant services through our unprecedented network of institutions both domestically and worldwide.  This extensive network of banks and investors empowers Guardian Data Systems to work with any legal industry while providing the absolute best service, tools, and rates available for your business.

At Guardian Data Systems we pride ourselves in providing legitimate world class merchant services with integrity and transparency.  Regardless of your business type we are here to earn you

What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

A high risk merchant account is defined as a merchant account or industry which, as a whole, has a higher potential for fraud and chargebacks than a more traditional retail merchant account.  Industries that have a history high chargeback rates, legal and/or moral ambiguity, vague products, international merchants, or even e-commerce sites can all be considered High Risk when it comes to accepting credit card payments.  If your business has been classified as High Risk to accept credit cards it is important that you have a merchant service provider who not only understands your business but has the knowledge and experience to skillfully establish your merchant account quickly, transparently, and correctly.  Some examples of High Risk merchant accounts include:

  • Adult
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Web hosting
  • Forex
  • Travel
  • Pharma
  • NutraCeuticals
  • Travel
  • Multi Level Marketing Groups
  • International ecommerce
  • PayDay Loans and Cash Advance

Many domestic merchant account providers deny payment processing to high risk businesses, however, at Guardian Data Systems we understand that your business depends on the ability to accept credit card payments. We are here to not only make that possible but to make it simple, secure and affordable so that you can focus on your business.

Why Guardian is the best solution for your High Risk

Merchant Account

Guardian Data Systems not only understands the challenges of your industry but has probably already navigated the challenges you are facing.  We know a great number of businesses that have not only started and continue to flourish precisely because they have taken calculated risks.  We get it and we do something about it.  Guardian goes beyond just getting a merchant account for your business but also reduces your risk helping to ensure your security and create a lifelong relationship.  Here are just a few reasons why we’re the best:

  1. Over 50 years of combined experience in all forms of merchant services
  2. Excellent long standing working relationship with acquiring banks
  3. Our gateway meets and exceeds all PCI requirements
  4. Full SSL encryption
  5. Peerless credit card fraud prevention system
  6. A professional risk monitoring team

For high risk businesses, effective and efficient payment processing management can be the single most important way to improve profitability.  With our host of security features, robust secure gateways, and extensive banking networks we guarantee your bottom line is maximized while minimizing the amount of time you spend managing payments.  Just a few of the many high risk merchant account features Guardian Data Systems offers are:

  • Credit card processing for all major card brands.
  • 3D Secure processing for added fraud prevention.
  • Domestic, Offshore, and international processing options
  • Chargeback Prevention programs which can eliminate up to 65% of chargebacks!
  • Flexible PCI-compliant payment gateway
    • Payment processing in more than 160 currencies and settlement in 15 major currencies.
    • Lowest Rates Guaranteed
    • Global bank direct accounts use your own account and descriptor.
    • Guardian Data Systems employs a security team to monitor all high risk merchant account transactions, significantly reducing chargebacks.

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