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HSBC system failure leaves thousands facing bank holiday without pay

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Thousands of people have been left without their salaries because of an IT glitch at HSBC that means employers who use its business banking accounts cannot make payments.

Some 275,000 individual payments failed to go through on Friday leaving potentially hundreds of thousands of people without their pay on the Friday before the bank holiday weekend.

The bank has suffered a problem with the electronic payments system its business banking customers use to make, among other things, salary payments.

“None of our 150 staff have been paid, which before a long weekend is a disaster,” the owner of one business told the Guardian. “HSBC is very non-committal as to whether any monies will clear between now and Tuesday when the banks reopen, and it’s causing a huge concern for our young workforce who were relying on their pay before the bank holiday.”

She added: “Most have been forced to go over their overdrafts and some will literally be left

with no funds until it’s resolved.”

Carl Chapman, who runs an IT services business in London, said none of his 130 staff had been paid. “We obviously pushed all the right buttons to make payments a few days ago and assumed HSBC would do its bit. We discovered instead at about 7.30 on Friday morning that none of our staff had received their money.”

Chapman said the firm had paid its employees “emergency funds” but that he is still awaiting a response from the bank.

Meanwhile, employees of firms that bank with HSBC are experiencing a myriad of problems ranging from bounced payments and overdraft charges to having to make new plans for the bank holiday.




Carl Chapman

Kira Lauber, a senior content and online PR manager from Harrogate who is due to get married in May 2016 told The Guardian that the bank’s problems may have ruined her wedding.

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