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Homemade payday candy bars

Graduation Candy Bar Card for Nick

GRADUATION -- Candy Bar Card

I made this chocolate candy bar card for my son when he graduated high school. I kind of went overboard, but we were so happy and proud of him, that we wanted to show it.

The card said.


Do UNO how proud we are of your aMAZING accomplishment of getting your WHATCHAMACALLIT(diploma)? We are in SHOCK, think our eyes are playing TWIX and have VERTIGO. But we will not SNICKER or CHUCKLE, and you will only hear a SYMPHONY of cheers as you graduate. It was a ROCKY ROAD with MOUNDS and MOUNTAINs along the way. LOOK, you have proven you are not an AIRHEAD, LEMONHEAD, DUM DUM or FLAKE. But you are a SMARTIE. NOW not LATER, is time for the real world. We hope you SKOR a PAYDAY somewhere between ZERO and 100GRAND. But don't let it slip through your BUTTERFINGERs. Give up expecting the BOUNTY of the golden ticket in a WONKA BAR. Avoid thinking that you are a RED HOT BIG HUNK that can live off some HOT TAMALE. Also don't ROLOver and become a SUGAR DADDY. You can do anything you want now! You can take a WHOPPER of a trip on an AEROplane through the STARBURST or ORBIT the MILKY WAY. A FAST BREAK to the beach is nice too! TAKE 5 and enjoy your CAREFREE summer. Get ready to hit the books again EXTRA hard. WERTHER or not you succeed is

up to you. There are many GOOD & PLENTY times ahead. Life is not always a PICNIC. You may hit a SOUR PATCH. Remember you can always count on us if you need a LIFESAVER.

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Graduation Candy Card Ideas

I need some graduation candy card ideas!

My boyfriend's graduating and I want to make him one of these candy quote things, so I need some cute, clever ideas. Please help!



There are some very cute and clever ideas used for this graduation candy bar card.

If you scroll to the bottom of that page you'll see a few submissions from other visitors of ideas they've used, etc.

Steal a few phrases from each one and come up with your own clever combo!

Come back and share the graduation candy card ideas you've come up with.

Have fun! I'm sure your boyfriend will love it!

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Graduation Card

by Katie

(Seattle, WA)

Crazy Friends/Graduation Card

This was for a joint b-day party for my friends Lina and Natasha. Joint birthday means twice the cash, so instead of spending a fortune, I made a birthday candy bar card!

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