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How Do I Pay Off My Loan?

how do i pay off my payday loans

One of the first questions a potential Customer may have for us is, "How do loans work?" Speedy Cash offers several types of loans each of which functions differently. You can apply for a loan through Speedy Cash. because our requirements for a loan are not nearly as strict as what you’d find at a bank. Our title loan. for example, awards an amount based on the value of your vehicle. You just need a car that runs, and a clear title in your name – meaning the car is paid off.

When you get a title loan, Speedy Cash becomes the lien holder on your vehicle, but you keep possession of your car. We’ll set up a repayment schedule for you, and you can make your scheduled payments with automatic payment from your bank account or with cash.

If you fall behind on payments, we will try to find a solution that allows you to get current on your loan. Only as a last resort would we repossess your vehicle. When used responsibly, title loans are a powerful tool you can use if you own your car, have a clean title and need cash fast. Speedy Cash has a very simple loan application process and can help you

walk out with cash in minutes.

The length of your loan depends on the state you live in. Visit your closest Speedy Cash for more information.

Still Have Title Loan Questions?

The biggest concern Speedy Cash Customers have when taking out a title loan is "am I going to lose my car?" Speedy Cash works with each of our Customers to make sure you can repay your loan, and your possession of your vehicle is not at risk. Learn more about title loan repayment options in the questions below.

Can I make minimum payments on my loan?

Yes, you can make the minimum payments on your loan. Speedy Cash recommends being financially responsible and paying off your loan as quickly as you can to avoid large interest payments. However, you’re not obligated to pay more than the minimum amount.

Can I pay off my loan early?

You can pay off your loan early, and you can choose to pay more than the minimum payment, which will result in less interest accruing on your loan.

Solutions for You

Speedy Cash is here to help you get through rough financial times. Stop by your local Speedy Cash to apply for a title loan today!

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