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How does project payday work

how does project payday work
  1. There are many ways to make money with Project Payday. New members start with the practice of method 1 in the Fast First Fifty mentoring program -- and that's what this guarantee applies to.
  • There is a separate section in the Project Payday Training Guide that fully describes each of the available methods. The exact URL in our members-only private website that fully describes Method 1 is as follows: members/view.cgi?page=method1

  • At the page above you will find links to Kelly's Fast First Fifty program. Kelly will guide you step by step to complete a trade with Method 1.

  • No special knowledge or skills are needed, aside from what you'll learn in our Training Guide. Simply follow and complete the 4 necessary steps.

  • To prevent people from

    taking advantage of our guarantee, you must complete the steps as outlined. If you need help, our support team will gladly help you. Saying "I don't understand" or "it doesn't work" does not qualify as a valid reason for making a claim under this guarantee.

  • If you can show that you completed all requirements of the Fast First Fifty mentoring program and did not earn $50, send us a support ticket and I will pay you $100.

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    "I just wanted to let you know that using Project Payday I have made $274 in less than 24 hours, and I am ready to move on to Method 2.

    I love this and I've already shown several others how to do it as well. I recommend this to anyone."

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