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Illegal payday loan collections call


An account of recent experience with a collection agency:

Last week, two voice messages were received from this company, UPS LLC on two separate days. On day one, the message was from tel# 855-229-6659 (51 seconds message) and the next day from tel# 888-407-2067 (52 seconds message). The voice message prompts you to call them back at these numbers with a reference number regarding “your account.” I don’t have an account with them. I decided to call them before the calls continue. I spoke with a rep named “Lauren”, and before she could get into her script I requested a mailing address. She asked if I wanted to send something in. I am thinking to myself, the $ signs are probably already dancing in her head (yes, I want to send something in and it is called a cease and desist letter if you call me again…ok, I am moving ahead, but that was my thought). The company’s contact information was provided.

She then started the script about her client. When I could sneak in at a moment of pause, I politely advised her that I

am not sending her “agency” anything and please do not contact me again. I do not owe them anything. This is when her voice became slightly raised, tone changed, she proceeded to talk over me, and I could not get a word in. What happened to those cordial customer service skills which were present at the start of the call? She was clearly used to be yelled and cursed at and immediately went into defensive verbal combat when she heard something she did not want to hear (I am not giving your company my hard earned money. + Do not contact me again.). She sounded unsure of herself and very inexperienced. I spoke in a calm, confident, decisive manner. Never once did I raise my voice. However, I did inform her, that if her company contacts me again I will be filing a complaint with the NYS attorney general’s office.

Before hanging up on me, she uttered something about going to court. I replied, “That’s great.” There are many collection businesses randomly trying to get money out of your pocket. Stand your ground.

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