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Canada – Direct Payday Lenders:

Bad credit loans to payday with instant approval, guaranteed and same day direct payday lenders, finding a no faxing payday lender list for low interest faxless pay day loan and getting an unsecured online cash advance are all hot topics these days!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a direct payday loan, so what should I do?

If you are looking for legitimate direct Loans to Payday by Direct Payday Lenders. save this website and look no further! This is a complete 1-stop resource for any of your instant approval payday loans (cash advance) needs and all information provided here is absolutely FREE for you.

What is my next step to get the online cash advance loan I need?

Take a look at the tables with lists of direct payday lenders above. Choose any lender you like based on your location and other factors conveniently provided. Finally, click on that lender to go directly to a secure online 2 minute application and you are minutes away from qualifying for a faxless payday loan.

Why are there 3 different lists of direct payday lenders?

Yes, there are 3 different tables above, each with a list of direct lenders for payday loans. The first two lists are for lenders that provide online payday loans in the United States. while the last one is for lenders that service the UK ( United Kingdom ). Each list of direct payday lenders above shows a detailed comparison of top lenders for online cash advance loans. The 1 st list shows Single Direct Payday Lenders and the 2 nd is for Direct Lender Networks. They are all equally good but are separated for simplicity.

Any recommendations on applying?

Depending on how much money you need, it is often a good idea to apply with several lenders at the same time. Since these are online direct payday lenders. it usually only takes 1 to 2 minutes per each application. You might not qualify for loans to payday with all of them, so this way you will have several options to choose from. Also, if you qualify for more faxless pay day loans (more money) than you need, you can just pick the low interest payday loans with best terms and refuse the rest. Being approved by a direct payday loans lender does not mean you have to borrow, so you have nothing to loose but get to compare different offers. Since all of these direct payday lenders are not credit-based, applying does not affect your credit. You can still get these loans to payday even if you have really bad credit and loans from other companies that are still open.

What are the requirements set by these direct payday lenders?

These payday lenders usually only require the following:

* Current job or other income

* Monthly income of $1000 (some less)

* Be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen

* Have a checking account

Do these direct payday loan lenders really not conduct credit checks?

Yes, these lenders do not check the applicant’s credit. Since they are legitimate direct payday lenders, they do not even care what kind of credit a potential applicant has. Unlike traditional loans from a bank, these ones are not based on credit but on few other factors, mentioned above. The main one is for the applicant to have a current job or another stream of income.

How are Cash in Advance loans different from Direct Payday Loans?

In essence, cash in advance and payday loans are just different names for the same type of a loan. The name literally means that the applicant gets cash in advance of his or her payday that is coming up in the near future. Lenders that provide Cash in Advance loans base their loan decisions mainly on aspects like whether the applicant has a permanent employment, how much he gets paid and how often. As long as the applicant can provide this information, chances are really good that he can successfully secure the needed cash through a cash in advance loan.

Are Online Cash Advance loans any different from regular cash advance loans?

Online cash advance loans, which are also sometimes referred to as instant cash advance loans, are practically the same type of a loan that you can obtain by going to a local lender. The main difference is in the process of applying for such loan and getting qualified. It is a lot easier and faster to apply for an online cash advance because everything happens on such lender's website. There is no traditional paperwork that needs to be filled out and sent in. Applications are quick and easy and filling them out is much faster for the most part than with a local lender. Again, this is why these are also called instant cash advance – they really are super fast to get.

Can I still apply if I am receiving income from social security?

Yes, you can still apply because most lenders recognize social security income as a consistent stream of income. Therefore, they assume that such applicant would have no problem paying back the loan the next time they get paid.

Why was this resource created?

This resource was created to help people find legitimate direct online payday loans and allow them to save time by not having to do their own research. Many people literally spend days, searching the internet for short term pay day loans companies

that provide good direct payday loans options, applying with most of them and separating legitimate lenders from bogus ones. Plus, many of them also have bad credit and loans from traditional lenders, which often makes instant approval payday loans their only option for finding the necessary cash quickly.

Why are there so few real direct payday lenders on the internet?

Unfortunately, the a large portion of sites on the web that seem like a payday lender are, in fact, either not a direct payday lender but a broker or, even worse, a site that just collects your information and resells it who knows where. Naturally, most people do not like either option because they generally waste tons of time and bring zero results in terms of successfully securing a legitimate online cash advance loan.

Are the lenders listed on this site actual direct payday lenders?

Yes, the few no faxing payday lender options that are listed on this site are the real deal. They are legitimate companies that were handpicked out of hundreds that we reviewed and compared, and you can apply and get these loans to payday from home without going anywhere. Plus, we search for new legitimate direct payday loan lenders all the time and always add the best ones to our list when they come up. Practically all of these are same day direct payday lenders and since qualifying is so easy, many people even refer to them as guaranteed direct payday lenders.

I need cash now! Are same day payday loans the best solution for me?

We understand that when you need cash now, you don't have time to waste researching the web for the best lenders and loan products. This is why many people choose same day payday loans. as they are the fastest payday loan solution of all. Just as the name suggests, same day payday loans lenders that offer these services can complete the application processing and issue the funds all on the same business day. Our list includes all the best lenders from this category so if you need cash now – you are in the right place.

Can I view these lists of instant pay day lenders as a separate page?

Yes you can also view this list of Online Payday Loans lenders on a separate page by clicking the "Direct Payday Lender list – Apply Now " tab at the top of this home page.

How soon after applying will I know if I was approved?

One of the best things about these loan products is that they are instant approval payday loans. This means that the applicant only needs to fill out a simple 2 minute online application for a same day pay day loan and the lender provides immediate notification of approval. Once approved, most lenders can get the cash to the applicant as fast as 1 hour after approval. Even if it takes longer to get the loan funded, it usually happens no later than on the next business day. That is still incredibly fast, especially compared to traditional lenders that can easily take days or even weeks just to review an application.

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What funding methods do these direct lender payday loans offer?


Most of the direct lender payday loans are funded by means of a direct deposit into the applicant's bank account. However, some lenders that are featured on our site allow for alternative funding methods, such as picking up the cash at one of the lender's local facilities or picking it up at any MoneyGram location. Many Walmart stores have MoneyGram on premises, so they are very easy to find.


I have seen some payday loan lenders refer to their loans as bad credit loans – why is that?

Are bad credit payday loans only reserved for people with bad credit?

Not at all. Many people apply for bad credit payday loans because they have poor credit and might not qualify for a loan elsewhere. However, bad credit payday loans have a lot of benefits (like easy applications and quick processing) that even people with decent credit may often choose these to secure a fast cash loan. Many of the bad credit cash loans do not require credit checks and people really enjoy this factor when applying for a personal loan.

Where can I get some general information on payday loans and installment loans?

You are welcome to see this publicly available page on wikipedia that will provide a detailed background of payday loans and their benefits, as well as this page about installment loans. Additionally, you can also see this FTC official page about payday loans as well. Keep in mind, however, that general information does not always reflect specific lenders properly. The lenders featured on this site have been handpicked and are the best on the market according to our knowledge.

I love your site and I would actually like to submit a testimonial about my experience with it. Can I do that?

Absolutely, we always welcome testimonials from our visitors. If you would like to submit yours to us for publication please visit the "Testimonials" page by clicking its name at the top of this home page. There, you can also view our existing testimonials by other happy customers that utilized our site to locate a faxless instant cash advance. All testimonials are published anonymously to protect your privacy.

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