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About Us

Institute of Microfinance (InM) is a non-profit organisation established primarily to meet research and training needs of national as well as of global microcredit and related poverty reduction programmes. Initiated and promoted by Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF ), InM started its operation on 1 November 2006. InM is registered as an independent non-profit institution under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It is principally funded by UKaid, Department for International Development (DFID ) through its Promoting Financial Services for Poverty Reduction (PROSPER ) Programme.

Vision: Towards establishing a poverty free world, InM sees itself as a frontline centre of excellence in knowledge creation and management.


Firstly, InM will contribute to the capacity building of the microfinance sector in Bangladesh through training and academic programs for human resource development, conducting research studies and dissemination of findings, regular dissemination of new knowledge and technology, for the benefits of the sector.

Secondly, the institute should emerge as a centre of excellence in microfinance, poverty, enterprise development, and other allied areas at the national and international levels through building network with microfinance institutions, sector stakeholders, reputed researchers, thinkers and professionals, and exchange of ideas and experiences.

Goals and Objectives:

InM is committed to poverty reduction and rural development through research, training and knowledge management on

microfinance at the national and international levels.

The Institute has the following key objectives:

• To conduct research on microfinance and its effects on the economy, poverty alleviation, inequality and vulnerability.

• To initiate, undertake and promote research and action research activities directed towards the expansion, growth and consolidation of national and global microfinance and related programmes for poverty alleviation.

• To collaborate with national and international agencies and universities for research, action research and other professional activities such as training, livelihood promotion, environmental issues, experimentation and academic degree programmes in Bangladesh and other countries.

• To use research results and lessons of inter-country experiences and prepare policy notes and reports to help policymakers and practitioners of microfinance.

• To initiate, undertake and arrange training programmes for microfinance professionals and practitioners from home and abroad.

• To develop and maintain database on national and global microfinance.

• To set standards, prepare best-practice examples, formulate policy documents and prepare guidelines to help the sector stakeholders.

Key Areas:

InM has three unique divisions:

Major Services:

Research. Feasibility analysis, baseline survey, impact assessment, evaluation etc.

Training. Training needs assessment and capacity building planning, training of trainers, scheduled and tailor-made courses, curriculum and module development, training evaluation, etc.

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