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Thank you for visiting our mortgage information site. Our goal is to provide a mortgage information and other mortgage and real estate related services as easy as ABC. originally started specializing in loans for the teachers mostly in California. Now it is the mortgage education website with some great information about residential mortgage lending and some links that can take you to the next step.

Why call me?

    I am a knowledgeable and backed up by a great team at Directors. I will treat you clients with respect and professionalism. I will help to educate your home buyers so they can are confident they are choosing the loan that's right for them. Directors Financial Group has a complete range of loan products and competitive pricing.

Explore the home financing options, dependable service and expert guidance Directors Financial Group offers. Contact me to learn more.

Now it has changed, from the days of Stated Income or No Doc's loans to full docs loans, like it used to be. What comes around goes around, full circle. The good news is there are some great loans out there and the rates are still amazing.

What is most important is that if you are looking to purchase a home, today's marketing is as good as it gets. First time home buyers and the so called "Home Affordability Index" make it a great time to stop renting and to buy a home.

The major elements in getting a loan is to have a steady job and good credit. More on this later. But, if you could take a moment to read the Perfect Loan article . this will give a good understanding of what your Realtor and loan officer need to do to make it easy for you.

Loan Rates and Products

  • 30 year and 15 year fixed rate are as low as ever. Do the low 4's and 3's

    interest you? They should! And if you can afford a 15 or 10 year term, then the low 3's is feasible.

So who should consider a mortgage.

  • If you have a an existing mortgage that is in the 4's or more.
  • If you have any ARM.
  • If you are renting.
  • If you are looking to move up or down size.
  • If you are an investor and you are looking to expand on your fortune.
  • If you have children that are graduating.

    The catch is that you must meet the appropriate qualifying elements. Here they are in order.

    • Credit - must have a credit report and it must make sense.
    • Property Value - This is very important. The amount we can loan you is tied to the lower of the sales price or the appraised value.
    • Income - your income must support your target monthly mortgage payment, taxes, insurance and your other monthly obligations. You must be able to show your income.

    Other items that have changed.

    • Low Down Payment Loans - FHA is a great place to be. 3.5% down is possible. But there are additional costs when you plan to borrower more than 80% of the value of the property. These can be fees and monthly mortgage insurance.

    Whatever your questions, you can call or complete the form below and we will return your call.

    Located in Newport Beach, CA. Call for additional information. 949-929-6180.

    NMLS/NMLO information

    NMLS # - Robert Small - 283983 949-929-6180 email address is

    NMLS - Directors Financial Group Address: 2 South Pointe Drive, Suite 225, Lake Forest, CA 92630-2606

    NMLS # 283824 Phone: 949.943.3103 Email:

    If you are ready to start your loan application online just follow this link. If you have initial questions, you can call me directly at 949-929-6180.

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