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Work At Home Institute Scam Reviews

By David Harris

Work At Home Institute, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a recent addition as one of many of the online ‘training course’ for “work from home” scams you see everywhere online.

We review and expose them as soon as we find them, and this scam is no different.

Work At Home Institute changes the name of the fake mom Bobbie Robinson although we’ve seen the same stock photo on many of these clone sites, so that right there tells you something.

I do want to bring up Patricia Feeney, the woman interviewed on the fake news clip.

Through research I discovered that her interview was from a completely different source which the scammers edited to make it seem like its part of the fabricated news clip they always place on these scam sites.

Feeney herself wrote that she in no way endorses any of these scams. As outraged as Patricia is, it’s impossible for her to go after these scammers.

There are so many sites they put up that include the fake clip, for her to spend the time and resources it takes to bring them down.

In her defense we understand her frustration and can say the scammers used her story and likeness without her authorization.

Now, on to Work At Home Institute and their perpetration to steal your money, and the methods they use to do it.

First, they claim you can make a lot of money taking only an hour a day without need of computer

and internet experience or skills.

However, they fail to explain what you would be doing to make that. That’s because the reality is altogether different, and it’s more like a bait and switch con.

It’s near impossible to make anything substantial placing ads through the link posting method offers to teach in their program.

So once you realize it you try to get your money back and instead, they work with all their might to upsell you to a better program, business coaches, etc. Anything they can to get more of your money for nothing.

Work At Home Institute salespeople are so good at it, that we get letters from people who have been cheated by them to the tune of tens of thousands in the worst cases.

Their fine print says in so many words that you definitely won’t get your money back, not even the fee of $97.00 to register.

Try and leave the landing page and the pop up window discount goes as far down as $49, and it still is not a bargain.

Just so you know, Work At Home Institute is not an institute of learning of any kind. There Are no diplomas, certificates issued nor is this scam site accredited as an institute.

Beware of trcky titles like Weath Development certification, search engine agent program and other nonsense that may look impressive to the untrained eye but mean absolutely nothing.

It’s just another ploy to convince you that Work At Home Institute could be the up and up. Don’t be fooled. It’s as scammy as they get.

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