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Jamii bora microfinance

jamii bora microfinance

Coming soon - microcredit's most exciting example of community radio

Since 1999, one of planet's two ( 1 2 ) greatest labs for social business labs for entrepreneurial revolutionary tests in multiple-win mapping of youth-public-private partnerships - reports on JB always welcome; partnership reports of most interest in 2011 include wholeplanetfoundation - rsvp

We are writing a book on why Ingrid Munro is one if the 8 happiest economists of all time - sample profile:

Ingrid Munro is an alumni of Muhammad Yunus. As recently as 1999 she started a Kenya microecredit “Jamii Bora meaning Happy Families”. What’s extraordinary is her most productive members are youth who used to rove nairobi as gangs of thieves and girls of street. Most people including microcredit’s greatest fans had previously not been able to imagine trusting a bank to such customers let alone such staff! But then Ingrid’s 30 years of work makes her one of the most beloved white women in Africa and youth were not going to throw way the once in lifetime opportunity to show that in a mobile network age they can build a nation into one of the most joyous economies anywhere, Her bank demonstrates that in out mobile age, gangs are strongly connected peer to peer networks – who given a chance find it much more smart to be seen creating things rather than destroying them. Dreams of Kenya as a leader among African nations became reality at a moment of great crisis. In Kenya ’s 2009 riots, youth destroyed one of the largest informal markets at the slum of Kibera. Ingrid’s network let the dust blow over for a few days and then approached the gang leader – would his team like to be given the credit to rebuild the market and entrepreneurially take care of it properly.

Kenya's microcreditsummit in april 201 is the most important event of 2010s Sustainability -and Global Village - Decade to date - like any 4 month old sub-brand of what youth of 2010s need to network, it needs huge help to fill some gaps or make sure these are interconnected by the next summit it relays to - please help us with the strongest possible devil's advicacy of what's (as yet) missing knowing all the while that we believe microcreditsummit's 13 year history is the greatest testament to human networking yet seen - rsvp info if you have other contenders to nominate (also at twitter )

as devils advocate these seem to be huge gaps - does anyone else agree? (by the way this is the opposite of sam's fault - it is because during the stage of putting this altogether he only has 2 full time people -how could we do that to him as well as cause conflict with the wish of young people around the world to understand the true system designs of end poverty? isnt this why the greatest millennium goals network is so easy for "the system design enemy" namely macroeconomics to subvert? )

1 wangari maathai who lives down the road in nairobi

2 irrigation (eg kickstart)

3 taddy blecher (free university)

4 inviting whomever had most influence on moving usaid beyond aid to feel this summit is there's too

5 specific link with queen sofia's demand that spanish southern speaking hemisphere learns from jamii bora and best of youth-mobile-microcredit-slums etc and africa feels welcome to learn from spanish southern hemisphere

6 specific celebrations of micro and solar energy

7 end malaria as obama's number 1 foreign assistance pledge and his fatherland as ideal national lab to end malaria

8 representation of keynote speakers in applied areas of which health is an extraordinay omission given the 2 great bangladeshi microcredits origins in that area

9 ditto lack of reprsentation of childrens schooling including gandian models, vocations and microcredit

10 lack of many womens leadership networks ; is there a greater heroine in the world today than ingrid munro and if so why dont the half of the world that are women celebrate her? why not jaq novogratz of acumen? why not co-presidential change agent like mary robinson who oddly partners sachs earth institute but not microfinace's ecovilage; knowing how completely microcreditworld stages including JP Morgan and

world bank have exhausted Ingrid's own health we cannot assume there will be another time to do this

11 african diaspora groups from big capitals

12 lack of media and stars who could - eg those involved with the millennium goal movie jeff skoll, larry brilliant, bono if he's serious, simon cowell who did an advert from kibera to fund 100 mn $ for macroaid, other producers of reality tv apprenticeships

13 paul krugman as princeton's 2nd most useful man after sam

14 lack of mit, or others who could connect digital/internet for the poor

15 transparency international (gee eigen is supposed to be a world social entrepreneur with drayton, yunus and abed)

16 nick stern once famous uk gov editor of end african poverty 2005; turn world bank upside down; blaiir's clmat crisis whip; who made his name studying viilages in kenya and india; also british council (fall 09 british council meeting in bangladesh where british ministers alexander and miliband asked bangladeh to take strongests position. )

I can see Bangladesh has some infrastructure difficulties in being host for microcreditsmmit but seriously can we not market enough inveetment partners in true microcredit around suggesting to sam that microcreditsummit 2012 could be held in dhaka -this should be done after the olympics but at a time of least weather risk (or in terms of internal politics is this still not smething bangladesh government would bless); if dhaka can't do it why not lucknow in india

. OPen Mal top Wangari Maathai - if you can help send open mail please contat us at info

Hello Mrs Maathai's Leaderhip Team

Is there a way I could make an appointment for a telephone call with Wangari Maathai or her chief of staff?

I want to ask if she knows about the microcreditsummit in kenya in april and why many sustainability and youth networks around the world back the aim of this summit to be the most practical ever held on sustainability leadership. In open system terms, our definition integrates community rising and transparency processes connecting exponentials of economics and ecology and youth's worldwide generation.

According to humanity champions like Queen Sofia of Spain, the summit is also about supporting inter-hemisphere knowledge connections with a local hero Ingrid Munro of who has both innovated mobile banking for youth in slums and microfinanced the ecovilage Kaputei, as well as playing a grounded role in resolving the riots crisis - eg getting the rioters to rebuild the kibera marketplace quickly and take mutual responsibility for its future opportunities to inspire youth and job creation

After 4 visits to Dhaka sponsred by my father I am also an acquaintance of Nobel Laureate Muhamaad Yunus and he has made it clear at his 69th birthday party last June that he sees this summit (the 13th microbanking one) as being at a crossroads. Dr Yunus aims to make global grameen the number 1 sustainability parrtnering brand through the 2010s. He is asking whether future microeconomics and millennium goal empowerment summits are best done anchored around banking for the poor or around each of the different sustainability crises that win-win-win social business sytsem models can be designed round - and which youth can be mobilised to network replications across borders when invited by relevant world class brand owners to innovate collaboration

I would like to suggest that this is both africa's and the microeconomics world's poorest most important and actionable meeting, and for all these reasons it would be huge if Wangaari Mathai could attend part or all of it in Nairobi. If one reads what little the Nobel judges write on their process I think it is no accident that they have largely reframed peace in terms of proactive sustainabbility community developers and that in this category Kenyans (or those who love Kenya) have already won 2 prizes and many would argue Ingrid as a contender for Kenya 3.

I hope you don't mind me posing this question just in case it has not already been asked from the perspective of how urgent it is to many sustainability investment or end poverty networkers I know


chris macrae

washington dc 301 881 1655

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