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Supporting Armenians Through Microlending

Double your impact: As part of a special opportunity from December 11 through 19, the first 200 people that sign up as new lenders on and lend to someone in Armenia will receive a $25 bonus credit in their Kiva account.

To support people in Armenia. click here.

Sebastia Hovsepian was born and raised in Armenia. but as an adult he established a career for himself in Sydney, Australia. Even though the smell of freshly baked Lavash and other sentiments of his homeland exist some 9,000 miles away, Sebastia has discovered a new approach to staying connected to his roots.

“Armenians are hard working people that make the most with what they have,” says Sebastia. “I want to help my motherland as much as I can. Supporting small businesses across Armenia is just one way I ensure that happens.”

Sebastia supports people back home through lending on, the world’s largest microlending platform. enables anyone with $25 and an Internet connection to help crowd fund loans to small businesses owners, farmers and the working poor in 66 countries across the globe. With a 98.9% repayment rate, the money you lend it truly a loan, not a donation.

“I care a lot about my heritage and thats why I only lend to borrowers located in Armenia,” says Sebastia. So far Sebastia has helped fund 343 loans to individuals in Armenia, an experience he finds rewarding and insightful.

Last month Sebastia went beyond the call of a typical Kiva lender and took a trip to Armenia to meet two of his borrowers--individuals whose loans he had personally helped fund.

Through the help of one of Kiva’s Field Partners, SEF International, Sebastia met with orchard farmer Ruben. Ruben used his loan to buy organic fertilizer and increase crop productivity. Sebastia also met Susanna, another farmer who used her loan to purchase two calves so that she can begin selling milk and breeding livestock.

“It was amazing to realize what my contribution has made possible. It's not just about a hand-out. It's a hand-up,” he says. “The gift you give in the form

of a Kiva loan will outlast not only the lender, but the borrower also. Businesses go on for generations.”

Fortunately becoming a lender like Sebastia is simple. Just by visiting you can read through stories of Armenians like Ruben and Susanna. When you find someone whose story and business you connect with you can lend them $25 or more. As the person you supported repays their loan, you get updates on how their business is doing. And with a 98.9% repayment rate, you can relend that same $25 over and over again and experience how much change just a little money can make. Kiva is a nonprofit and makes no money off of the loans they facilitate.

“We are all just people trying to better our lives.” says Sebastia. “Some of us are quite fortunate to live in a Western country and earn a good wage, but that not only enables us to give back, it also obligates us to.”

To lend to people in Armenia click here .

Double your impact:

As part of a special opportunity from December 11 through 19, the first 200 people that sign up on and lend to someone in Armenia will receive a $25 bonus credit in their Kiva account to lend to another borrower. The $25 bonus credit will be returned to Kiva as the borrower repays. The money you lend yourself will be returned to you as the borrower repays. You will receive an email within 30 days from Kiva letting you know if you received a $25 bonus credit or not.

Kiva is a non-profit organization working to alleviate poverty by connecting people around the world through microlending. With as little as a $25 loan, anyone can help a borrower create new opportunities for themselves and their family. Together with more than 845,000 Kiva lenders and a worldwide network of 144 microfinance institutions, Kiva has created economic opportunity for more than 900,000 borrowers. Since its inception in 2005, Kiva lenders have funded more than $370 million in loans with a 98.9% repayment rate. Kiva is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit:

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