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Kiva and the birth of person to person microfinance

kiva and the birth of person to person microfinance

Additional Resources

One Hen. One Hen is a fantastic book that serves as a beautiful, true, and inspiring introduction to microfinance through the story of a boy in Ghana and his hen. The book and the extensive resources hosted on the website are highly recommended for parents and educators hoping to build a better understanding of live in Ghana, poverty, and how microfinance works with children.

William Ferriter: A Kiva-savvy educator and published author who has created a plethora of incredible resources using Kiva in the classroom. Check out this excellent blog and these fantastic and comprehensive resources to use or get inspired!

Lend for America. This is a non-profit organization that supports university students in facilitating microfinance to entrepreneurs in their own communities. Check out their website and their excellent Campus Microfinance Starter-Kit .

+Acumen. Our friends at +Acumen are also working to help support the newest generation of leaders in social innovation. Check out their free courses online.

There's an exciting one on financial sustainability coming up.

Ashoka. The team at Ashoka has created a course in empathy. By completing this free course, you will gain tips and ideas from schools, entrepreneurs, and experts on how to instill empathy in children and prepare them for the road ahead.

Girl Rising. Educating girls can change the world, but there are still millions of girls who never get that opportunity. Girl Rising is a film and a movement, and also features fantastic educator resources, available here.

BYU: A group of university students from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah surveyed and experimented with coordinating a Kiva U event on their campus. They collected their learnings and tips for success in this helpful video guide and slideshow.

What works in ending poverty? Here is an article from BRAC with a new apporach to help the ultra-poor move to a place of sustainable livelihoods in 24 months.

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