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About microfinance in india

about microfinance in india

SEBI Must Recognise That Sucheta Dalal’s Drive for Investigation into “Algo Trading Issues at NSE” is EXTREMELY Important for the Overall Health and Safety of Indian Capital Markets

Overall, all of the above aspects highlighted with regard to algorithmic trading/HFT/HST - and their technology/other problems per se - raise several important questions with regard to the ordinary investor and the protection of their investment:

  • What does all of this signify for the process of investment in capital markets whereby peoples’ hard earned savings are converted to investment?
  • What does it mean for the ordinary investor and their confidence in the capital markets?
  • What are the implications for investor protection?
  • What does all of this signify for a company’s fundamentals and buying and

    selling of stock based on that?

  • What does it mean for hard work that goes into creating the value of a stock?
  • What does investing ultimately become?
  • What happens to peoples’ savings that they are trying to convert into investment?
  • What happens to the economy that is hugely dependent on peoples’ savings?
  • Plus many more

Therefore, unless SEBI acts swiftly and decisively, peoples’ investments, stocks, institutions, and the country as a whole may be at huge risk as one fine day we may be told that all our wealth has been eroded due to a rogue algorithm and a reading of SEBI Chairman’s interview of July 30 th 2015 certainly does not give me confidence in India’s globally interlinked capital markets.

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