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Illegal Payday loan companies

legal payday loan companies


I live in Michigan and I was going through some tough times. I took out pay day loans, but upon doing research I found out that some of these places may be illegal. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I've already been instructed by the Utah Trade Commission to close my account. Here are the payday loan companies:

Star Cash Processing - $300 loan amounts to $405 (including interest and fees). Nothing has been paid on this yet.

Anasazi Services/CWB - $200 loan amounts to $260 (including interest and fees). $120 paid so far.

Anasazi Group

C/O CWB Services LLc.

P.O. Box 411056

Kansas City, MO. 64141

La Posta Tribal Lending (Gentle Breeze Online)- $200 loan amount $292.76 (including intererst and fees) $120 paid so far.

1930 Wislhire Blvd. Suite 430 Los Angeles, CA

E-Cash Advance - $400 loan amount $520 (including interest and fees). $120 paid so far.

PO Box 571992, Murray, UT 84157.

Beacon LLC - $300 loan amount $428 (including interest and fees) $128 paid so far.

I tried to contact someone today. When I finally spoke to a lady she only said that they were located in Utah, but would not give an address, because she was in a "satellite office". I have no loan documents from this place and she claimed she could not provide me with any either, because they don't operate through e-mail.

DJR - $200 loan amount $290 (including interest and fees) $180 paid so far.

The only thing I was able to findout about this company is that they MIGHT be llocated in Missouri. There's no contact information and no papers for this place at all.

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