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Ace cash express payday loans

ace cash express payday loans

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Got a email saying I was approved for a $8000. I talked to John ** from Dallas, TX. Phone numbers he called me by were ** and **. He called and told me I was ready to get my money, just sign the online papers to finalize it. I signed the papers I needed to sign and sent them back to him. He called me back on a Friday, asked me to go buy a Green Dot card, put $360 on it to verification I could make the payments. Then he took my information for my bank to direct deposit it my checking account. Well it was late on Friday so I asked him to do it Monday morning so I knew it would be in there before my bank closed on Monday. Monday come around, it wasn't deposited. So I called him, he did. I had to pay a insurance for $575 and put it on a Green Dot card again because I had bad credit. Which I did cause I do. Then he told me that he couldn't put it in my account, got some reason. So we went Moneygram and I had to pay more money.

Next day he said that there was some red flags and we couldn't go that way either. So he said to pay more money for Western Union. I paid the money for the Western Union and he sent me a MTCN which was too many numbers. Then he sent

me another one which was not a good one at all. As I'm talking to him about the numbers not being valid I get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and my money was on hold till I paid the IRS over a $1000. Which I don't the IRS. So I talk to John again, he said I can't, that I had to settle the IRS thing. I told him I don't have a problem with them. So I told him I wanted to cancel my loan and to send me a certified check of my money I paid in. He told me that I had to pay either $350 to get my money or $450 to get my money plus the loan. I told him I wasn't paying another dime since he already took me for over $2000.

A week later he called me back giving me a sad story about him losing his job if I didn't finalize the loan since it was still open. So he tried to deal with me and offered to pay $250 himself and I pay $250. Then when he gets his next check he would send my $250 back to me. But I would get a check for almost $1200. I didn't send the money and haven't heard from him since about it. So now I'm out over $2000 and behind on my bills because he guaranteed me loan plus the money I paid in to get the loan.

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