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Lot #1: 75 X 110 on the corner of Eucalyptus and Park St. - $24,000

Lot #2: 75 X 150 fronting on Park St. - $29,000

Both Lots Together: $52,000

House & 2 Lots Combined = $199,000

B oth Parcels are already cleared. Parcel #1 is within 1 block of Crescent Lake. You can easily see the lake from the sidewalk in front of the side that fronts on Eucalyptus street. There are well maintained tangerine and orange trees growing on the lot as well as big stately oak trees.

Photos are shown below of different views looking out from the lots as well as photos of houses in the area so you can get

an idea of what the neighborhood is like.

There is a brand new Winn Dixie and Middle/High School 3 miles up the road from here, there are also 2 waterfront restaurants - 3 Bananas and few smaller ones at nearby fish camps. Crescent City has banks, insurance companies, dollar store, fast food places, assorted restaurants and small businesses. There are boat races on Crescent Lake and Crescent City is famous for it's Catfish Festival and Christmas Parade. A WalMart Distribution center is planned for Crawford Rd. south of Crescent City and will be bringing alot of new development into the area. Builders/Contractors have already purchased properties along certain sections of Crescent Lake to build Condominiums in the near future.

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