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Micro Credit, Self-help Groups (SHGs) and Women Empowerment

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1. Credit, Gender and Empowerment - Rural Sponge; ; Dynamics of Rural Credit Delivery; Micro Credit: An Outline; Beyond Micro Credit; Rural Development Programmes; A Paradigm Shift; Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana; Self-help Groups (SHGs);

2. Mechanics of Self-help Groups (SHGs) - Introduction; Characteristics of SHGs; Grading of the SHGs; SHGs and Revolving Fund; SHGs and Bank Linkage; Different Models; Self-help Groups and Income Generation. ;

3. Exploration Plan of the Study - What to Explore?; Conceptual Framework; Guiding Questions; Area Profile; Sampling Design; The Data;

4. Identities and Organizational Structures - Introduction; Age Structure; Caste; Religion; Marital Status; Education; Type of Family; Family Size; Occupation; Family Income; Organizational Structure of the Self-help Groups;

Types of SHGs; Size of SHG; Duration of SHG Formation.

5. Economic Empowerment - Introduction; Savings; Loans; Economic Activity Index; Bank Linkage; Revolving Fund; Income Generation; Interface Profile; Individual Income Generation; Asset Entitlement; Economic Empowerment Index. ;

6. Social Empowerment - Empowerment: A Holistic Approach; Credit for Empowerment Strategy; Changing Mindsets; Transformed Awareness; Information and Political Awareness; Transformation Potential; Operational Parameters and Social Autonomy; Social Empowerment Index; Summing Up;

7. Reflections - India?s Marginalised Groups; Role of Self-help Groups; Economic Empowerment; Social Empowerment; Experiences of Women; Functional Efficiency, Economic Activity and Economic Empowerment; Positive Outcomes; Negative Outcomes; The Way Ahead; Concluding Remarks.



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