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Micro credit regulatory authority bangladesh

micro credit regulatory authority bangladesh

RDF’s one of the major objectives is empowerment of women. In Bangladesh about 50% of the total populations are women, so their active participation is needed for themselves as well as for development of the society. RDF believes through engage in income generating activities women can contribute to their sustainable livelihood and by taking education on health care, legal rights, able to change them in a positive direction. Therefore to achieve the vision RDF has been operating several income generating activities for women’s development like mini poultry farm, homestead gardening, duck rearing, chicken rearing, goat rearing, small grocery shops etc. 26,700 women beneficiaries has achieve their sustainable livelihood by the women developments activities. Resulting women beneficiaries are strongly benefited through model village poultry activities. At present scenario of Barguna and Patuakhali districts are shifting. Duck chicken and goat rearing is common portrait of these areas. All the beneficiaries are now skilled in poultry management and disease control. Community based poultry and livestock management has taken place through these activities.

Besides these activities, RDF has organized trainings on disaster management, health and hygiene consciousness, capacity building on different income generating activities for the female beneficiaries to ensure sustainable livelihood development. Surprisingly the measurable impacts of all the development activities are reflecting in their daily lives as well as society. Now the beneficiaries are strong enough in any decision making to their families and society. They are now sending their children in schoolThe society is transforming in positive directions gradually. Their economic condition and outlook have changed. RDF is striving hard to bring this kind of positive changes in the society. By these development activities, RDF has enclosed isolated populations in the mainstream of the society. Every woman under RDF’s program got their own identity and surprisingly some of them are taking the leading role in the society by participating in local government election. Presently one of woman beneficiary is acting as Union Parishad member as well as Upazila women Vice Chairman also.

Every human being has some potentialities. RDF wants to explore that potentialities and use this as resources for development. Without human resources development, country’s real development will not possible. By educating and training the human can be made resourceful. RDF is doing this work from the very inception of the organization. RDF has a big training cell where 55 Master Trainers educate the beneficiaries and its employees. RDF also provides different kinds of training programs for the beneficiaries like Microfinance Operations & Management Training, Entreprenurship Development Scheme (EDSc), Book Keeping & Accounting Management Training, Community Based Economies & Formation of Enterprise (CEFE), Search and Rescue, IGAs’,

Disaster Preparedness, Vocational training, First Aid training, Solar Home System (SHS), Improve Cooking Stove (ICS) etc.

Integrated Development Approach:

It is true that the vicious circle of poverty is interlinked and due to its influence, development process is hampered. RDF believes its forwardness through integrated development approach. It is called ‘Holistic Approach’ without integration of development approaches balance economic growth cannot be assured. Due to this reason, RDF has been working in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, Non-farm and off-farm activities through maintaining chain of integration for sustainable development.

Green Power through Solar Energy:

With the invention of electricity, civilization got a new dimension in the world. Electricity is one of the prerequisite for the development of any country. But in Bangladesh electricity deficiency is so severe. It has been hampering not only the growth rate of the country but also our daily lives. To make a power plant it requires huge time and money which we cannot afford. In addition, fossil fuel is needed to operate the power plant which is running out very rapidly. So the whole world is thinking for an alternative renewable energy. The answer is unlimited Sun Light. Solar Power is produced by collecting sun light and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells. The advantage of the solar power is non-polluting, cheap will not deplete.

Screening this, RDF used this solar power to supplement GoB effort for rural electrification and irrigation of agricultural lands to ensure food security.

In 2012-13, RDF produced more than 3.18 MW electricity under Green Power & Development Program (GPDP).

Climate Change & Disaster Preparedness:

Impact of climate change sea level is rising day by day. The frequency of natural disasters has increased than past two decades. Southern part of Bangladesh especially the coastal area is the most vulnerable in terms of recurring attacks from the severe cyclones like SIDR, AILA & MAHASEN. RDF has been working for the vulnerable people by providing financial supports as well as training on Climate Change & Disaster Preparedness and prevention. The people are now more conscious about the impact of disasters occurred and from their learning and awareness campaign they can prevent that situation. Now they know what measures they should take in pre and post-cyclonic periods. Besides this, RDF has already established 2 cyclone shelters where 3,000 people can take shelter during cyclone. These centers are serving dual purposes -- during cyclone people can take shelter in the centers and normally it is used as non-formal education center.

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