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Payday loans are a dependable, confident and fast way to get extra cash if you are in need. There is an age old saying however that “every cloud has a silver lining” and this is where Kathlego comes into the equation. We offer our customers a short-term payday loan online solution to their financial hurdles. Our online application process is straightforward and clear, and allows new customers to request any amount up to R3000. So you can apply, if approved, get funded – all online.

To apply for payday loans online. you must be you must have a South African ID or passport with a valid work permit in South Africa, have an open and active bank account in your name, and a steady source of income.

There are other options that are available to most payday loan customers. These include credit union loans with lower interest rates but with more stringent terms, pawn shops, payday cash advances from employers, credit cards, cash advances from credit cards, bank overdrafts, small and direct loans from family or friends.

Payday Loans Online offered by Kathlego Cash Loans is quick and easy!

Payday Loan options available at Kathlego Cash Loans

By offering a payday loan option to all South Africans, this financial powerhouse is once again proving to be a serious contender in this otherwise saturated industry.  Looking at a basic interpretation of such a loan would reveal that it refers to a micro loan (just enough to cover your expenses) at a reasonable interest rate against your salary until your next pay day.

Payday loans

in general, are popular because a credit advance does not bound you to monthly repayments. This gives every potential client the flexibility to work on a budget. We allow for instant financial relief when needed. But yet, the sad truth is that pay day loans, or better yet cash loans have earned itself a negative impression on many South Africans. We believe in responsible lending. As a result, we’re an accredited Financial Services Provider. And a serious contender in the micro lending industry. We have taken the entire loan concept into the 21st Century on a strong footing. Kathlego ensures that you only borrow what you can afford to repay.

In following the same fail-safe procedures throughout the entire application process as with longer term loans, Kathlego manages to ensure that the amount borrowed against your salary; stays within manageable boundaries as not to further jeopardise your financial strength on your next pay day, keeping Kathlego’s reputation as a responsible loans entity intact whilst giving relief in a time of need.

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Many people are cautious when it comes to pay day loans. But if a cash advance, credit card, savings account, or even a generous friend is not available during an unforeseen financial crunch, Kathlego Cash Loans can provide you with the cash you need. For the most part, pay day loans can be helpful; especially if you are running low on funds and need some extra cash to get you buy. You can always work out a plan well in advance, to repay the payday loan.

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