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Micro sd credit card holder

micro sd credit card holder

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Compact, solid and safe but not real convenient. Feb. 14 2012

By Tracy S. Dryden - Published on

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This holder is a compact way to carry Micro SD cards. However, there's no solid confirmation that card is inserted and it makes you a little worried about just how securely the cards are held. Also the cards are completely covered by the holder, making it impossible to tell what size each card is. There is a space to write that information on one side of the holder, but that's restrictive. There is an alternative Micro SD card holder in the marketplace that is a little thicker, but holds the cards more securely, leaves their labels visible, holds 10 cards instead of eight, and also holds a standard SD card adapter. I really can't recommend this product.

UPDATE: I was personally contacted by the manufacturer of this product concerning this review. They were concerned about some of my comments and wanted to clarify things for me. Here's what they told me:

* There is a definite click when the card is inserted and has positively locked in. It is obvious when a card has not been properly inserted because it will sit proud from the edge. If your card holder is not operating in that way, please return it to Amazon for a refund.

The memory card is retained by an internal spring clip which engages with the notch on the side of the microSD card. We are members of the SD Card Association and have purposefully designed the holder to use this notch feature of the microSD specification. This is the safest way and avoids any bending strain on

the chip inside the memory card. We have drop tested the card from 12 feet on to a hard surface and even when the card lands on its edge, none of the eight microSD cards are ejected. The card holder has also been tested by attaching it to a lanyard and 'swinging' it by rotation at 100 RPM without any memory cards falling out.

* We fully enclose the memory cards when they are inserted because the holder is designed to slip smoothly in and out of the inner sleeves of a wallet without snagging. The enclosed memory card is better protected against dust, dirt, grit and physical damage.

* We have increased the write-able area for making notes on card contents in the current design.

* We limit the number of microSD cards to eight so that this ultra slim holder is strong enough and not too rigid to break when carried in a wallet.

I was not aware of the spring clip which holds the microSD card in. I checked, and there IS a definite click when the card is inserted and it DOES appear to hold securely. The card does seem to be more solidly built than the other card I mentioned, and it IS smoother, so it would slide smoothly in and out of a wallet, if I were to ever put it in a wallet. The way it fully encloses the microSD card would better protect it too. However I do still prefer to be able to actually SEE the size on the card itself, rather than having to write it in. As a result of this information and reevaluation, I've improved my rating and review.

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It's ok, but there are better June 4 2012

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