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The Blue Book Project: Why Are So Many Bankable Clients Unbanked. -- The Blue Book Project on Building Inclusive Financial Sectors

Everyone agrees that a well-functioning financial sector is the foundation for individuals to better contribute to their country’s economic activity. Still, the vast majority of people do not yet have access to sound financial sectors. In many countries the financial infrastructure is designed to reach only a fraction of the wealthiest population.

What is the Blue Book?

The Blue Book is a project of innovative consultations carried of globally, to address the challenges to building inclusive financial sectors and tap into the opportunities to stimulate their development. An inclusive financial sector offers

to the vast majority of the population sustainable access to a range of financial services suited to their needs.

The results of extensive international dialogue will lead to the preparation and dissemination of a "Blue Book on Building Inclusive Financial Sectors" in mid-2005, outlining the obstacles that countries face so that concrete actions may be taken to position microfinance as an integral part of a country's financial system.

The Blue Book will not be a negotiated "consensus" document, but rather a compelling compilation of the experiences of microfinance constituencies worldwide in the effort to develop inclusive finance sectors. Its call to action: a reference point for governments to collectively discuss strategies, share and improve best practices.

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