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Microcredit in mexico

microcredit in mexico

Monday, June 28, 2010

Una Estudiante

Well, my short month in Mexico has come to an end although I have to say, looking at it now, it doesn't seem so short. So yes, perhaps my microcredit research went about as good as can be expected when there actually is no microcredit program to look at but I did learn a lot in general, about myself, about living in a foreign environment, and most of all, about how to survive a tropical environment in the summertime.

I guess I would say tops on my list is that I discovered I can be independent and survive on my own. Honestly, this is something that's quite a revelation for someone who still avoids phone conversations whenever possible and while I do have previous experience abroad, my hand was always held. In the end, people are generally as curious about you as you are about them and I don't care how tough you are, but a smile and a polite hello can get you

a hell of a lot further than a few pesos.

Perhaps what I will remember most about Mexico is that while things may not always (or mostly) go as planned in life, they have a weird way of working out in the end, especially if you're open to those new experiences. For all of the worrying I'm apparently genetically pre-destined to do, I get just as far relaxing and going with the flow of things.

Finally, every place seems so exotic and fresh and a completely different world from the one you know until you actually get there. People have been going through the same day-to-day life patterns the world over and once you're actually in a foreign place, people are just trying their best to live and enjoy themselves. As cool as it is to travel and to find differences and unique traditions, it's the similarities that draw you in every time.

Well with that, I give a big gracias to Mexico and say andale, pues, hasta la vista!

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