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Welcome to Salary Advance Loans, we assist 1000′s of visitors every month to obtain payday loans. If you are IN NEED of a loan, you have come the the RIGHT PLACE online. Get the cash advance you need with our fast and easy payday loans or salary advance loan, apply online now (see loan OPTIONS below), decide which lenders offers to accept and then receive your loan funds, all within a day… simply apply at all OPTIONS below, then decide which offers to accept, to improve your chances of getting your payday loan today. (Only South Africa’s NCR registered, top reputable lenders are featured on our website, safe and secure systems are standard.)

OPTION 1. Whether your credit rating is good or poor. Quick and easy application for small loans or larger amounts of up to R150 000  (click the Loan Finder SA image below to improve your chances of getting your loan via our website affiliation with Loan Finder SA)

Loans for all people of all credit scores…….     Loan from R500 up to R150 000 today!

We serve many people who, because of divorce, a death or illness have a poor credit rating, defaults or garnishee orders. We can help you if you find yourself in any of these situations. Fast and efficient. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A CASH LOAN FROM R500 TO R150 000.

OPTION 2:  Quick and easy application for Short Term loans from R500 up to R8000, this is OUR MOST POPULAR and the best option if you need the cash in a HURRY!  (click the image below to improve your chances of getting your loan via our website affiliation with – loan payout is extremely fast!)

  • Instant decision 24/7 – FAST payout!
  • No hidden charges
  • Also available on mobile

Its as easy as 1,2,3… Get cash in your account today.  Begin your loan application now, receive your result, check/accept the terms and the money will be sent to your account in lighting fast time. Beautifully easy online process, the answer and payout is very fast! All the best with your application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR YOUR LOAN

OPTION 3.  QuickRands offer  Personal Loans to South Africans, choose an amount ranging from R500 to R50,000. The quickest and easiest way to get those funds needed into your account. All done online, get great rates and fast response from this efficient new lender.

QuickRands will source the best loan specifically for your needs. Get

the cash you need today.  Begin your loan application by clicking on this link, very easy to follow process, the answer and payout is with 24 hours! All the best with your application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR YOUR LOAN NOW.

OPTION 4:  The GetBucks advance your payday now service allows flexible online loans that are available whenever you need it. All you do is choose your required amount and desired repayment date. Terms are shown up front and there are no hidden costs! GetBucks is a South African registered lender, with a twist – its online and its fast. When we say its all done in an hour, it includes the cash in your account. We are not about giving you money to buy a house, a boat or even the latest flat screen TV. We’re about instant cash to sort out life’s little issues.

Applying for payday loan with GetBucks is not only simple, but it is completely online with an almost instant lightning fast payout. That means that there are no queues that you need to stand in or stacks of paperwork that you need to fill out and submit by hand. SIMPLY CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR FAST PAYDAY LOAN PAYOUT of up to R4000.

Please take note of the minimum requirements of lenders:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Employed for at least three months and earn a monthly salary
  • Active cheque, savings or current account at any South African bank
  • South African resident
  • If you need help email us at

Note about our payday lending services:

All our lenders subscribe to the NCA and other South African lending regulatory bodies, for a guideline of what your payday loan may cost, please see a breakdown of all charges involved with your Salary Advance Loan or Payday Loan:

    • Service Fee of R50 per month
    • Initiation Fee.  Loans under R1000 – 15%
    •                            Loans over R1000 – R150 plus 10% on value                                                        above R1000
    • Interest Rate of 0.17% per day
    • Fees and Interest are based on the regulations as set out in Chapter 5 of the South African National Credit Act 34 of 2005.

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