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Mr. Vijay Kumar Maurya the Managing Director of Futureage India Micro Credit Services born to a farmer's family of Mirzapur (U.P). His upbringing and education taught him to become a strong individual eager to change conventional thinking. Mr. Maurya with firm determination and insatiable appetite for the upliftment of poor & neglected sector living around developed sustained market linked solutions and gone a long way in establishing him as a first generation entrepreneur. Mr. Maurya has 7 years of experiences in micro finance and was the founder member & chairman of Bhartiya Micro Credit Lucknow. He has 7 years experience in Insurance sector with Bajaj life insurance and holds master degree in economics & sociology with computer diploma. With a vision to promote the living condition of poor and neglected sector by providing micro finance and allied services the establishment of futureage India Micro Credit services is Mr. Maurya 's first step towards the fulfillment of his childhood dreams.

Mr. Neeraj Kumar Yadav the Director of futureage India Micro Credit Services born to a business family of Mirzapur (U.P) has post graduate degree. Mr. Neeraj Kumar Yadav has 5 years experience in Micro Finance and was the founder member & Director of Bhartiya Micro Credit Lucknow and has nearly 20 years of experience in various business ventures. With a view to raise the income and to promote the life style of people living below the poverty line the establishment of futureage India micro credit services will act as a bridge between poor's and financial agencies.

Mr. L.K. Dham (Independent Director)

Mr. L.K .Dham an independent Director of futureage India Micro Credit Services an highly professional Executive is MDP from Kellog college of management USA. MDP from Asian institute of management. Manila and diploma in business managements .

Mr. Dham has vast experience of nearly 33 years in banking industry has served as regional head of banks at various places. an ex G.M. of oriental Bank of Commerce. He was also the financial advisor To waste management India Netherland. Mr. Dham 's other key areas are Wealth management advisor, Micro finance expert, credit and NPA management advisor, Time management advisor, credit counseling Syndication and banker advisor.

The experience and association with futureage India Micro Services of Mr. Dham will prove to be the stepping stone for the speedy growth of our company.

Mr. J.R. Sarangal (Independent Director)

Mr. J.R .Sarangal an independent director of Futureage India Micro Credit Services is a top notched

professional possesses MBA degree from Punjab University. post graduate in statistics. Mr. Sarangal served NABARD a national level development bank in India as Chief General Manager for nearly 30 years and expertise in Rural credit development, Project and microfinance and delivered numbers of lectures at various training establishment of banks, BIRD, NBSC, National and international conferences.

Beside that in coordination with bank and state government in Andhra Pradesh gave a push to Micro Finance as regional head and honored by "Best Performing Officer"in the year 2004-2005.

Mr. Sarangal 's precious knowledge, vast domestic as well as international experiences, key skills, consultancy and guidance will prove to be a boon to Futureage India Micro Credit in fulfillment of our vision towards creation of Livelihood opportunities for women & neglected sectors.

Mr. Devendra Nath Sarin (Advisory Board Member)

Mr. D.N.Sarin has 20 years of banking experiences with State Bank Of India from 1973 to 1993. During his tenure with bank Mr. Sarin handled various portfolios such as accounts, finance, Administration, HR, Liaison, and quality control .

Mr. Sarin has 15 years of experiences in corporate world as Managing Director, Director Finance, Executive Director of various companies under Petron Group of Companies USA, India. Russia, and Brazil. He was Executive Director Of International Catalyst LTD Pune for nearly 7 years as finance and Administrative Head.

Mr. Sarin has 6 years expertise in self created business ventures such as Printing & designing, Tours & Travels, Event Management, and production of eco friendly pollution free handmade paper and Products, and consultancy and advisory services for setting up new projects.

Mr. Sarin 's association as member of Advisory Board in Futureage India Micro Credit and his guidance will prove worthy in setting up and future growth plans in a long way.

Mr. Sadanand Singh (Advisory Board Member)

Mr. Sadanand Singh is Executive Director of advisory Board holds M.Com degree from B.H.U. Varanasi and has nearly 34 years experiences in corporate & Micro Finance companies.

Mr Singh worked with CASHPOR Micro Credit Varanasi as Head of Accounts & monitoring cell for 3 years, as CFO in Bhartiya Micro Credit Lucknow for 7 years and PANI & NEED for 1 year.

Mr. Sadanand Singh being a expert in Finance, Accounts, Operations, and Internal audit will prove to be an asset in futureage India Micro Credit Services and his vast and active association in micro finance companies will ensure the timely growth of futureage India Micro Credit Services.

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