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RESULTS has championed microfinance as a key poverty reduction tool for almost two decades and currently hosts the Secretariat of the APPG on Microfinance.

RESULTS is an international citizens advocacy organisation working to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. Founded in 1980, RESULTS supports volunteer advocates across the UK and six other countries worldwide (USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany and Mexico). As part of a nationwide network citizens are supported in engaging with the democratic process and raising awareness of development issues with community leaders, elected representatives and the media.

Centre for International Microfinance

Based at the University of Greenwich, London, the Centre for International Microfinance Research specialises in multi-disciplinary research, consultancy, and training in microfinance. Working with partners in developing countries and in Europe, the Centre aims at contributing to knowledge, practice and policy-making around the world.

Five Talents

Five Talents is a Christian microfinance organisation supporting local initiatives in

developing countries to help the active poor to start or expand a small business. We currently support business training and 12 microfinance programmes in 11 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia – providing savings and loan products to 20,000 clients. We use the worldwide Anglican church network as a means of identifying credible partners and ensuring accountability for our funds. Our partners train and lend to the active poor irrespective of religion. Our name is based on the parable of the Talents which encourages entrepreneurship and loan repayments!

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GBRW Limited is a long established bank consultancy company based in the City of London. We specialise in restructuring and developing new markets for banks in emerging markets, chief amongst these new products is a methodology for bank loans to micro and SME borrowers. We also assess and evaluate existing technical assistance and funding programmes for banks in emerging markets.

Imp-Act Consortium

• Build capacity to support SPM

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