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Microfinance conference

microfinance conference


School of Finance, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

School of Management and Business, Aberystwyth University

International Small Business Journal


Robert Blackburn, ISBJ and Kingston University

Raghav Gaiha, University of Delhi

Mark Tippett, University of Sydney

Binayak Sen, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies


Access to suitable and affordable finance is a precondition for meeting basic human needs in incomes and employment, health, education, work, housing, energy, water and transport. Microfinance and rural finance – and more broadly, financial inclusion – are high on the research and policy agenda. A broad exchange on micro, macro and policy topics in financial inclusion will advance our knowledge and ultimately improve institutional performance and policy.

China-UK Microfinance and Rural F inance Conference is a forum for presentation of research results, practices, innovations in the fields of microfinance and rural finance. Contributors and participants include academia, researchers, financial service providers and policymakers. The conference is organized by the SWUFE- Aberystwyth Microfinance. Rural Finance and Agriculture Organization Joint Research Centre and International Small Business Journal. It will be hosted by Southwestern University of Finance and Economic (China), in cooperation with the Aberystwyth University (UK).

To provide cutting-edge insights into current research work on microfinance and rural finance, we invite papers on the following topics but are not limited to:

· The development of microfinance and rural finance ;

· Financing small and mirco-enterprise and agribusiness ;

· Innovation in microfinance, internet finance and crowdfunding;

· Business model for the development of family farms ;

· Roles of banks or other financial institutions in microfinance ;

· The impact of

microfinance and rural finance on poverty ;

· Agricultural insurance and micro insurance mechanisms ;

· Risk management for microfinance institutions ;

· Institutional issues: management, governance, legal form, transformation, growth, mission drift ;

· Funding: subsidies (smart and other), investments (public and private) in microfinance institutions ;

· Policy and regulatory issues related to financial inclusion.


Qiaoyun Zhang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economic (Chair)

Michael Christie, Aberystwyth University (Chair)

Susan Marlow, Editor of ISBJ, Nottingham University Business School (Chair)

Yizhe Dong, Abersytwyth University

Shafiul Azam, Abersytwyth University

Zhoujie Wen, Southwestern University of Finance and Economic

Zhigang Zeng, Southwestern University of Finance and Economic

Qizhi Tao, Southwestern University of Finance and Economic

Wenxuan Hou, University of Edinburgh

Authors are invited to submit full papers to by 20 February 2015. Papers will be selected for presentation at the conference by the Committee and will be notified by 27 February 2015. After conference, a number of selected papers will be invited to be submitted to regular issues of International Small Business Journal under standard review process. For general enquiries about the event please contact Yizhe Dong via More details of the conference is avaiable on

The International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) publishes the highest quality original research papers on small business and entrepreneurship. The ISBJ attracts submissions from international academics focusing upon theoretical, empirical, policy and practitioner issues within the fields of small business and entrepreneurship. Articles published in the ISBJ are of importance to academics, policy makers, practitioners and analysts in government and organizations, seeking to understand small businesses, entrepreneurial processes and outcomes.

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