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Microfinance education

microfinance education

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  • Easy Money . Microfinance In India – Filmed by San Diego local, Nikhil Bhowmick, this documentary depicts the phenomenon of microcredit and it’s impact in India.
  • Easy Money Part 2
  • Pedro’s Story . A short educational video that explains the basics of microfinance through a personal story.
  • Banking for Change : An award-winning documentary on microfinance, that follows a banker’s work in his local community.
  • Microfinance 101 . A video that describes why microfinance is needed and how it impacts individuals, families, and communities.
  • Local Microfinance Stories . This video highlights several microentrepreneurs that have received a small business loan from one of the San Diego Microfinance Alliance’s partnering lenders.
  • Collaborative Capital : Video shown at the 2010 Summit that shows the work of our local microfinance patners.
  • SDMFA YouTube Page . For videos put together by our partners and to watch our favorite videos on microfinance, visit our YouTube page .
A blog on San Diego’s small business news, compiled by ACCION, a local microfinance organization.
  • Association For Enterprise Opportunity A national leadership organization and a voice for microenterprise in the United States
  • FIELD US FIELD, a program of the Aspen Institute, is a research and development fund dedicated to the expansion and sustainability of microenterprise development efforts, particularly those aimed at poor Americans
  • Jonathan Morduch- Leader in Microfinance Research Jonathan Morduch is a leader in reasearch in the microfinance fields as well as its effects on the development of third world economies and peoples
  • Micro Capital A microfinance library and newsfeed, whose slogan is “The Candid Voice of Microfinance”
  • Microsave Their market-led approach focuses on putting the clients at the centre of the business is revolutionary
  • Microcredit Summit Campaign One of the microfinance industries leading resources to stimulate the interexchange of knowledge and best practices
  • Microfinance Insights A commentary and analysis of the microfinance industry
  • The Mix

    An information exchange between microfinance organizations for the purpose of furthering microfinance

  • The Banking with the Poor Network (BWTP Network) is Asia’s microfinance network that works towards building efficient, large-scale sustainable organisations.
  • Month of Microfinance Network of students, professionals, and others interested in microfinance. Their purpose is to promote April as the “Month of Microfinance” and they encourage MFIs and microfinance networks to host events and contests to promote microfinance.
  • Global Partnerships Engages the

    business community and others in advancing sustainable solutions to poverty in Latin America

  • Microfinance Networks A networking group that exists to provide mf leaders a channel to communicate with other professionals and leaders in the field
  • Next Billion This will unleash a wave of entrepreneurship, collaboration and wealth creation, turning the newly connected into a powerful force in the world economy
  • Seattle Microfinance (SeaMo) Seattle based microfinance organization that helps other microfinance organizations develop and grow in the Pacific Northwest
  • Seep Network

    SEEP is an association of more than 40 North American private and voluntary organizations that support micro and small enterprise programs in the developing world

  • A non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty
  • Basix India A leading Microfinance and livelihood institution in India
  • CGAP CGAP is continually striving to deliver credit lines to those who would otherwise never be in a position to be offered them
  • Five Talents Organization A Christian organization dedicated to microbusiness and microcredit lending
  • HOPE International HOPE International is a Christian, faith-based non-profit organization focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through microenterprise development
  • Kiva Microfinance Lender that caters to small donors and has many outreach programs to college campuses and businesses
  • MicroPlace Social group focused on smart investing to end poverty worldwide
  • Microfinance India One of the leading microfinance organizations in India
  • Oiko Credit Created in 1975, Oikocredit is structured as a financial intermediary through which churches and those interested in alternative investment can channel a portion of their investment resources to development purposes
  • Opportunity Finance Opportunity Finance Network is the leading network of private financial intermediaries identifying and investing in opportunities to benefit low-income and low-wealth people in the U.S.
  • Opportunity International Opportunity International provides microfinance loans, savings, insurance and training to over two million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world.
  • Prosper Largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace, which is based out of the U.S.
  • Unitus Capital Unitus is a global microfinance accelerator that acts as a social venture capital investor for the microfinance industry
  • Women’s Empowerment Organization Organization that empowers women who wish to open small businesses or grow their existing one
  • Zopa

    A marketplace for social lending, a smarter, fairer and more human way of doing money

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