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Summary of main recommendations - Impact Study of the Zakoura Microcredit Program

Become an Author In preparing the recommendations, we shall try take into account not only the results of the client surveys, on the basis of each of the five tools used, but also the ground reality of the ZMC program. In other words, the aim is to take into account what is desirable while bearing in mind what is actually feasible. Past experience in the framework of work with MFIs participating in the Micro-Start program has shown us that optimum results are obtained when an MFI tries to make its procedures more flexible, in response to clients’ concerns (for example, reducing transaction costs resulting from excess traveling), without calling into question any of the mechanisms that guarantee the program’s durability.

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Microfinance guru Muhammad Yunus faces removal from Grameen Bank

Muhammad Yunus. the Nobel prizewinning economist and so-called father of microfinance, faces being ousted from the bank that he founded to help poor people in Bangladesh and across the developing world. Yunus, the managing director of the Grameen Bank, which has lent small sums to millions of deprived people to help them start or run their own businesses as a first step out of poverty since being created in 1983, has been caught in a bitter political battle in his homeland of Bangladesh. The campaign to remove Yunus, mounted mainly by politicians, is to intensify this week ahead of a key board meeting next Monday, which his supporters believe will involve an attempt to force the 70-year-old to quit as managing director.

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Microfinance and the real economy: impacts and outcomes of the global economic crisis

The current economic and social crisis provides an opportunity to re-think values and business models in finance. ILO Online spoke with Bernd Balkenhol, chief of the ILO’s Social Finance Programme. Article | 26 February 2009 ILO Online: Why does the ILO engage in financial sector issues? Bernd Balkenhol: The ILO helps advance the creation of decent jobs. Whether women and men have decent work also depends on the access of households, workers and enterprises to financial services. Decent work embraces various aspects of the daily life of the working poor – productive employment, safe working conditions, absence of child labour, abolition of bonded labour, formalization of informal enterprises, access to social protection and the right to organize.

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Making Microfinance work for Youth in Sudan- Microfinance Unit Central Bank of Sudan and UNDP

Khartoum, May 1, 2012 – Today the Central Bank of Sudan Microfinance Unit endorsed the recommendations proposed by United Nations Development Programme sponsored study on Making Microfinance policies in Sudan to serve the needs of young females and males between ages of 15-30 Years for “Youth Financial Inclusion Policy Reform”. Sudan adopted Microfinance as one of the tools to support poverty alleviation, create job opportunities and access to finance for small businesses among economically active youth. As the lead agency in supporting Sudan Poverty Reduction efforts and creating job opportunities for youth, UNDP lead a study to assess the Microfinance policies inclusiveness for youth.

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Your payday house

Redirected from Safe house Exterior of the safe house Contents Foyer The foyer is the main area of the safe house. When first visited, many packed boxes can be seen throughout the living room and in bedrooms. This is where Bain contacts the player, by calling the phone in the kitchen nearby. A statue of Lady Justice is also seen in the living room, whose scales are the key to opening the secret door to the basement. Garage and yard Though mostly aesthetic, the garage holds the van that the crew ride in for heists. The player must go to the yard in order to receive a bag from one of Bain's associates, which contains money for the players' "contribution to Overkill.

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Online Payday Loans Colorado

See if you can do a little research about the company and find clients' reviews and testimonials online. If for any reason you Loan_ yes_ payday_ loan have been approached by a letter in the mail then you should take your creditors' letters and any summons request Loan_ yes_ payday_ loan very seriously. That means if you earn $20,000 in your first month, about $6,000 of it might go toward repaying what you owe. The problem with Loan_ yes_ payday_ loan that strategy is that it can potentially take a long time, and there is no guarantee that the business will be able to maintain its current level of profits.

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Good And Bad Payday Loans

As a result of the visit to the ER, several stitches and pain prescription, we were left with quite a hefty bill. While some debt support charity organisations are also in support of the government introducing a cap on online payday companies, some have aired their fears that it will make some people to fall into the hands of loan sharks that are criminals, since the cap will restrict them from obtaining short-term cash loans. The interest advantage is only the beginning to the Yes payday benefits VA borrowers can receive -- even with less-than-perfect credit.

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SKS Microfinance raises Rs 75 crore from debt capital market

Largest Debenture issue by a MFI till date First MFI to list on the stock exchange Standard Chartered is sole book runner and lead arranger SKS Microfinance, India’s largest and the world’s fastest growing microfinance company, and Standard Chartered Bank, the country’s largest international bank, have completed a unique transaction in the debt capital market, by enabling the country’s first listed Non Convertible Debenture (NCD) Issue by a microfinance institution. SKS Microfinance has raised Rs. 75 crore through an issue of 1-year NCD at a coupon rate of 10 percent.

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Yes microfinance

Yes, Microfinance has Positive Effects on the Poor Rural women driving their own change. Microfinance in its simplest form involves extending loans to a group of borrowers (usually called self help groups) who agree to help each other by means of group savings and informal support. The typical self help group consists of 10 to 20 people who meet regularly to discuss social issues and activities and deposit their savings in a joint bank account. Once enough savings have been accumulated, group members can apply to internal loans within the group or apply for loans through a commercial bank.

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ACCION Establishes Partnership with India's YES BANK to Launch YES MICROFINANCE INDIA

Mumbai, India / Boston, MA, December 08, 2006 - Microfinance pioneer ACCION® International today announced a strategic partnership with YES BANK – one of India’s top-three, private-sector banks – to launch YES MICROFINANCE INDIA, a specialized division of YES BANK focused on developing tailored financial products for underprivileged Indians in both urban and rural areas. ACCION will provide technical assistance to YES MICROFINANCE INDIA, supporting YES BANK’s commitments to mainstream sustainability principles within the Indian financial community, follow the ‘Responsible Banking’ philosophy, and enable financial inclusion in India.

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