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You re hired how to succeed in business and life

you re hired how to succeed in business and life


You're Hired

How to Succeed in Business and Life

By Bill Ranci

“The Apprentice,” Donald Trump’s version of reality television, may have thrust Bill Rancic into the spotlight, but his winning attitude toward life and business will keep him climbing the ladder of success.

Mr. Rancic has been honing his entrepreneurial skills ever since his grandmother taught him how to make pancakes and her elderly friends paid him for breakfast at Grandma Rancic’s house. From flipping flapjacks, to selling renovated cars, to waxing boats, to selling commodity metals and then cigars, the author has garnered a great deal of commercial wisdom.

In You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life. Rancic explains how

each previous experience helped him to adopt balance, humility, credibility and adaptability as his mantras. Each chapter provides an autobiographical segment which supports the subsequent “Lessons Learned”. Short truisms, such as “Everything is negotiable,” and “Stick to your principles, but always keep an open mind,” are also scattered throughout the chapters. Topics include setting goals, maintaining values, devising strategy, leading competently, appreciating teamwork, perfecting execution and increasing success.

Readers seeking sound business advice told in a fresh, down-to-earth voice will enjoy You’re Hired, but don’t look for any novel lessons or momentous secrets to success. Those who want to learn more about Mr. Rancic’s journey to success, including everything from childhood photographs to a glimpse behind the scenes of “The Apprentice,” will love “You’re Hired”.

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