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Are you Feeding your Job Search?

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RSS. Really Simply Syndication or Rich Site Summary is an often over looked or unknown tool in one’s job search. It solves the problem of not having to visit every job board or website when a new job becomes available. Also, this limits all too many emails or otherwise having to download files. It also allows you to keep a record of applied jobs or to see industry trends.


It is important to understand that not every web site has RSS feed(s). But the RSS icon will indicate if a feed is available. It is normally positioned outside of normal web page content and usually at the bottom or towards the bottom right of the web page. A web page or site that has RSS feed(s) usually has content that is updated on a daily or frequent basis, but this may not always be true in every case.

RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators

An RSS feed reader or news aggregator is required in order to read and manage all of your RSS feeds. You can use more than I reader, but that is an individual choice.

Feeding from

I have listed a basic mind map on how to RSS feed using Figure 1 is read in a clock-wise direction, but the procedure can be applied to most any other RSS feeds.

Figure 1, Read in a clock-wise direction, “How to feed manage an directed job search”

Targeting Companies

Most companies have RSS feeds. If you are targeting a specific company, the information gained from a daily RSS feed can be invaluable. This

information obtained can be used in a direct mail campaign, during a phone screening or face-to-face interview. Many times you can subscribe to a specific company RSS job feed, as well.

But is this not just like email?

An RSS feed appears to be email, in general. But, as I have said, there are no direct attachments to open; so there is no possibility of malicious content, unless of course you to navigate to a specific link and then act upon it. Also, RSS feed readers; manage the feeds better than some of the email programs. Outlook can also be used to manage your RSS feeds. One of the main benefits, I find, is that, Google reader looks non-descript, unless you are within reading distance of the monitor. So, when you return to employment, and continue your job search, it will be much easier to look for your next position, since “landing is temporary and being in transition is permanent.” The fact that one can manage their entire online job search from 1 site is the most valuable aspect and the differentiating factor.

Refining Your RSS Feeds

I use, but I could use to generate multiple RSS feeds, based on how I searched. This could also be the case for a target company feed situation. I would use folders or sub-folders, if possible, to manage all of your RSS feeds. Once you are ingratiated into RSS feeds, you may realize you have too much information or, not enough. You also need to find an RSS feed reader that you feel comfortable in using. Also, remember to unsubscribe to a feed as necessary.

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