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100 Free PSD Business Card Templates

how big is a business card

A business card is by far the most important business marketing tool ever developed. They travel pocket to pocket making impression on many people.

And that’s why your business card plays a vital role in the image building process of your business.

Almost all of these business card templates are made using CMYK color system and on 300DPI print-ready resolution. Most of the files are proportional to 2 X 3.5 inches but there are some unique sizes as well.

Today we are sharing a mega collection of psd business card templates. All of them are absolutely free to download.

Close to the end, you’ll find some templates categorized as tutorials, that’s because they are not only templates but tutorials for creating those designs.

Business Cards Templates

Stylish dark business card template ready for two sided printing. A dark background with refraction effect. Logo comes on the front and details on the back. Excellent card for individuals.

Vertical die-cut color business cards. These are excellent designs for a design studio. Modern design and it comes with color variations. You’d love the package

Green eco-friendly design, double sided business card PSD template. Front-side with a soft bokeh effect, and back-side contains solid green color with a smooth gradient.

It is basically a pattern used in both sides of a business card. The design is mainly the same but there are 11 colour variations. Good card design for creatives.

This PSD package includes card design in English and Polish language. The calendar on the backside is outdated now, you’ll have to update it with a new calendar.

Abstract futuristic design on both sides especially created for creative individuals. This may not seem like it but you should print it with 4 color

printing, otherwise you won’t get this result.

If you have a salon for hair waves, nails, manicures, facials or massage therapy, then this is the business card for you. Let prospect customers know what you are offering when they see your card.

5 + 18 business card templates! Five different designs and there are variations of each design which makes them total of 18 business card templates. All of these are pretty cool designs in default business card size.

If you are in the beauty business then this is a perfect business card for you. A double-sided beauty salon business card should include the basic info such as your name, specialization and the contact numbers on the backside.

This is mainly the same design available in two templates, one is vertical and one is horizontal. This is rather sober and business-like design for professionals and SME owners.

Chocolate business card template with an abstract dark brown background.

Retro color with a modern design (sounds odd, doesn’t it?).

If you are a graphic designer who likes minimalism (as most of us to do) you’d love this business card template.

This is a vector based business card suitable for…. I’m not sure but cute design. Probably it is suitable for any business related to kids or environment.

This is a double sided business card made to catch the eyes. This has class but it is rather flashy and if you want something business-like, this is not for you. But if you want a business card that makes everybody gasp a wow, you’ve found it.

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