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Hello and a very warm welcome to this Home Business Ideas website!

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The aim of this website is simple. To inspire you with internet business ideas and opportunities and explain to you how you can easily choose, start and build the best online home business for you, regardless of your age, your level of experience or where you live in the world.

Hopefully you will find that this site is a little different from many of the other home business opportunity sites on the internet, mainly because it only recommends things that have been personally tried and tested! I have tried every product, read every EBook and participated in every opportunity mentioned on this site. If I try something that doesn't work, then I simply won't recommend it, even if it is likely to make me lots of money! I also review everything on a regular basis and if I find that something is not working anymore, or has gone downhill, I'll stop recommending it.

Whatever your reason for coming to this website is, I hope you will find something right for you from the varied

selection of the best and most profitable internet & home business ideas online today. All of these are legitimate and as mentioned above, everything has been personally tried, tested and reviewed by me. I started this website back in 2004, so my recommendations are based on a good amount of experience.

I will also provide you with a simple and easy to understand step by step explanation of how to start an internet business from home online, how to easily create your own websites and how to market an internet home business on a budget.

The majority of the online internet business ideas and opportunities on this website are global, so you'll find some inspiration whether you live in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa or elsewhere in the world.

You don't need to have any special experience to start an internet business, nor do you need to have lots of money, but you do need to have some basic computer skills, for example, the ability to get online and use email and the internet. You also need to have a few hours a week to spare and be persistent if things don't always work first time! If this sounds like you, then read on.

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