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How can i save a youtube video

how can i save a youtube video

iPod Q&A - Updated November 22, 2011

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How can I save videos from YouTube and play them on my iPod?

There are a variety of ways to save videos from YouTube and play these files on your video-capable iPod or simply within iTunes.

YouTube originally used the Flash Video (FLV) format and the iPod uses the MPEG-4 (MP4) and H.264 formats. Consequently, getting a video from YouTube onto the iPod initially involved:

1. Bypassing the restrictions that make it difficult to save YouTube videos.

2. Converting the video from FLV to MP4.

However, now that the vast majority of YouTube videos already are available in MP4 format the only real challenge is bypassing the save restrictions.

One quick way to perform this task is to download a program designed exclusively for the purpose.

For the Mac, an inexpensive option is TubeSock and there also is the freeware Tooble (as first mentioned by the always excellent Macsimum News ). For Windows, there is AresTube as well as compatible versions of TubeSock and Tooble.

Mac Software Options

To use TubeSock. just paste a URL from YouTube or DailyMotion into the program -- or use the "bookmark" script. It's a relatively expensive US$15, but also offers a useful MP3 audio "extraction" option for those interested in saving the audio from a YouTube clip without the video.

Tooble is a free standalone application that makes it easy to search for and view YouTube clips, as well as

save, convert, and import videos of interest directly into iTunes for later viewing. The program is completely free and reported to have "no spyware, malware, viruses or advertising". A "Pro" version also is available for US$5.99 which adds support for additional video websites and audio extraction.

Windows Software Options

AresTube is free, and likewise is reported to not contain "any spyware or adware". To use AresTube, you simply paste the URL of the YouTube, Google Video, Blip TV, DailyMotion, or MetaCafe video clip into the program and it saves the file, converts it to the iPod compatible MP4 format (or MPEG) if required, and adds it to iTunes.

The Windows-compatible versions of TubeSock and Tooble offer the same features and functionality as the Mac-compatible versions.

Website Options

If you want to save videos from YouTube, but not automatically convert the clips from FLV format (if necessary) and import them into iTunes, the easiest way to save clips from YouTube is to use TubeGrip. KeepVid. or SaveVid.

Just copy the URL of the video you want to save from YouTube, paste it into the appropriate field provided by the websites, hit return, and click the "High Quality" download option (listed as the "Download MP4" link on SaveVid), as this file will not need to be converted. Note that due to recent changes at YouTube, all three sites now require authentication of a Java applet before it is possible to download the video file.

To add the saved video to iTunes, just drag it onto the application icon or into the player.

It is hoped that this information will make it easy for you to start expanding your collection of iPod video clips.

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