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how can i save my iphone text messages

how can i save my text messages

How can I save my iPhone text messages?

location: - date: August 22, 2011

I searched the forums and found nothing. I need to save all of my text messages to a PC. Does anyone have a good way to rip them off od my phone? Thanks in advance!

How do I get my iPhone text messages to stop showing up on my wife's MacBook Pro?

location: - date: December 17, 2012

Not that I have anything to hide of course  My wife and I have shared an iTunes account for years. Now that it is tied to an Apple ID, we share that too. Of course the problem them becomes since we both have iPhones, the Apple ID is linked to 2 phone numbers. This has not been a problem on our phones, as I found in the settings where I delete her phone number from the Messages program and she deletes mine. But she got a new MacBook Pro last week. and it is displaying text message associated with both of our phones. So she sees both her own conversations and mine. I haven't been able to find in the settings where I can remove my phone number from the messaging program on her MacBook Pro. Is there a way to stop this from happening? She's also w

How can i transfer HTC text messages to Mac computer for print?

location: - date: December 23, 2013

I have a HTC phone, and here i want to copy and backup my text messages from my cell phone to my Mac computer, and print them out so that i can make use of some very interesting information i kept in my Android phone in the upcoming Christmas, does anyone here know how to copy and print HTC sms messages on Mac?

PLEASE: How can I save my iphone texts and "notes" (not "the note") to my computer? I need them for reference and legal purposes. I have yet to find an app for this and iphone doesn't sync either one.

Greetings!I am brand new to using a Support Community -- I'm more of a in-person show me learner but. huge snowstorm and I don't want to to make an appointment at a Genius Bar, driving 15 miles, especially since I asked about this once before  and no one there was able togive me

an "official" Apple answer .  I do hope I am posting my question (and plea) for help properly. LOL when I had my first lil' Mac Classic, over 20 years ago, my participation in the techno world was soooo much easier, simpler.  My current situation: I have soooo many texts on my iphone and I haven't deleted many because I need the information contained in them forfuture reference and for legal purposes.  I would really like to f

I finally figured out how to blue tooth everything from my last phone to my computer. I will now be able to sync contacts, pictures, videos, etc, once I add them to the proper mac software. BUT, can you transfer SMS Text Messages to the Iphone? Can you transfer them from the iphone to the computer? Thanks,

When I go to settings>General>usuage> I see that I have 3.2GB of messages stored. Can someone tell me how to delete those messages? I don't even know where all of these messages could be stored. I don't think I am storing them in icloud. I always delete my messages because I don't like having so many message things open, so those messages are not directly on my phone. As you can see it's taking up way too much of my storage. I have no need to save any text messages. If anything were that important to me I could take a screen shot of it and email it to myself or something. Please someone help me because I have searched everywhere and asked everyone I can think of and no one has any idea how to help me..Thanks in advance.

Can I get my verizon text messages on my mini

location: - date: November 17, 2012

Is there an app for that. I find myself constantly putting down my mini to answer texts on my phone. Is there anyway I can get my texts forwarded to my mini wifi. Would it make a difference if i had a LTE model. I have a i5 if that matters. Thanks.

how can i tell how much memory my iphone 4s has?  I remember it used to say 16GB or 32 GB on the back cover.  Now where is it??

how can you tell how big the iphone 4s is??  it used to say on the back cover.  now where do you find the info?

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