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How can i start my own business

how can i start my own business

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I believe you intend tp start a T shirt printing business, not T shirt production business.

The following are the major aspects:

Manufacture :

  1. Tie up with T shirt wholesaler for acquiring T shirts at a competitive price. Make sure to set up quality and delivery standards. If you intend to co-brand a branded shirt, you may need to tie up with the brand of t shirt, else you may buy non-branded t shirts.
  2. Tie up with a printer for printing patterns on the T shirt. Ask for testing to ensure the quality of printing. Agree on number and type of designs to be printed and make sure you have copyrights of any copyrighted designs. Do not use trademarked or copyright symbols or images or phrases on your T shirts.
  3. Decide on the share of different sizes and gender. Free size is a good option in the beginning until you amass good sales volumes.
  • Keep a buffer for production failures, say 5-10% extra shirts.
  • Logistics, Marketing & Sales :

    1. Develop brand images and details.
  • Set up website, social media pages, payment gateways (which may require company registration).
  • Develop a plan to spread awareness about your product and


  • Logistics: Tie up with a courier service for delivery to remote locations, and set up a store if you intend to have a physical store too. Agree on terms & conditions for non-acceptance of delivery (if COD), penalties for wrong delivery, lost package, return back (if you offer such a policy).
  • Warehouse: Plan where you stock the ready T shirts.
  • Financing :

    1. You may have to make payments to the vendors - t shirt and printing - before you generate sales. An alternative may be an agreement with the vendors for supply of certain (big) quantity and ascertaining future demand in written. You may assess the risk and selective the alternative that suits your case.
    2. The courier company may be paid by deductions during payment received from consumers at delivery in case or COD or payment after successful delivery in case of online payment by users.

    The above are but a few brief main points. Based on the exact details of your business, much detail will be needed to be developed to actually start the business. I hope though that the above at least gives you a head start into planning your business.

    Best wishes!

    PS: Do let me know when you start the service; I may order a few myself or recommend to my friends living in that country :)

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