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How can I start a successful online book mailorder business for less that a 5000.00 investment

how can i start online business

Use Amazon!

Using Amazon is cheap, all you ned is to get some books! Try estate and garage sales to build your stock.


Selling your preowned and new items at is fast, easy, and doesn't cost you a penny until your item sells. In three easy steps, you can be on your way to earning extra cash. (Planning to sell in volume? Hint: Check out our Pro Merchant Quick Start Guide ( ay.html?nodeId=3472391) instead.)

1. List your item ( ntify) by providing the item's ISBN, UPC, or ASIN ( n-info.html) number or searching ( ntify) for the exact item you want to sell and clicking the "Sell yours here" button located on the right-hand side of the page.

* Describe the condition ( ay.html?nodeId=1161242) of your item and set your price ( ay.html?nodeId=1161240).

* Register for Amazon Payments ( gin/?pipeline-type=payee) (this is done only once).

* Review and submit your listing.

2. Ship your item to the buyer. will notify you via e-mail when your item has sold and to whom you should ship your item.

3. Get paid for your item: can deposit the funds directly into your bank account; or, you can choose to purchase an Amazon Gift Certificate with your funds and use the Gift Certificate to purchase items at See the Amazon Gift Certificates Usage Terms and Conditions. y.html/?nodeId=3122091

* Read our complete explanation of fees and commissions ( ay.html?nodeId=1161240).

* Read our complete explanation of shipping requirements ( ay.html?nodeId=1161254).

It's that easy! Get started. If you have any questions, we provide complete answers to assist you. Review Selling at ( ay.html?nodeId=1161232) and our New Seller FAQ ( ay.html?nodeId=1161274), as well as our Seller Best Practices ( ay.html?nodeId=12758941), for further information.

In addition to selling alongside's catalog, sellers can also sell through Auctions ( ay.html?nodeId=1161354).

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