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How can we save animals

how can we save animals

How to Help Save Animals

Anyone can help save animals from being abused or mistreated. This website encourages kindness towards animals and nature. My aim is for animal cruelty to end and for animal rights to be recognized and followed worldwide. That's why I created this site- I hope that it will help to stop animals being tortured. We should live in peace with our surroundings, and never be cruel. Here are some really easy ways to support cuties and prevent them from being hurt:

*Donate to animal charities and organizations. There are lots of them- the Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund, PETA, and many others. Even donating just twenty dollars makes a difference. (More awesome animal organizations are on the Charities to Donate To page.)

*If you'd like to get a pet, ADOPT one. Don't purchase animals from a pet store- they're not objects. They have feelings. Also, don't get a pet from a breeder. It's just not as humane as adopting. Keep this in mind: whenever you purchase a pet, you basically take the life of a perfectly good shelter one. Go to your local animal shelter or see if a vet has a few cuties that are looking for homes. Sadly, half of all animals in a shelter get put to sleep because no one adopts them. Encourage others to adopt animals, too. Remember, when you adopt, you're saving a life!

*Don't wear fur, leather, skins, or any other clothing material that was once an animal. It's not right to kill a living thing just to wear it. Besides, do you really want to wear a few sewn-together animal corpses? And also, wool is sometimes collected from sheep who are then slaughtered, so be careful. If you want an item with fur, use fake fur.

*Become a vegetarian or a vegan! Vegetarians, by defenition, do not eat any meat (meaning poultry, pork, beef, etc.) or fish, and vegans don't eat meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and honey, because they are all produced from animals. Deciding to make one of these changes in your diet is great- you save animals and help the evironment (meat doesn't have to be shipped, fossil fuel is used to produce it, and you save water) and it is really healthful.

I've been vegetarian

for over a year, and I love knowing that I am saving the lives of cute lambs and pigs. However, if you decide to become vegetarian or vegan, you need much more protein in your diet, since meat is a good source of it. Look to nuts and beans for protein, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and also try tofu or meat subsitutes. Tofu is yummy when grilled with spices, and there are some good faux meat products (mostly made of soy or vegetables) out there. Though these all have protein, don't eat all of them too often. Soy is unhealthy when eaten too often; just have them 2 or 3 times a week. Plus you can subsitute almost anything for meat in a recipe. Check out cookbooks, eat right, and save animals and the environment! Veggie power

. ❤

*Avoid zoos and aquariums. Some animals are literally tortured here because sometimes they aren't in the right conditions. For example, saltwater fish may be put in a freshwater tank. Also, animals shouldn't be trapped behind bars for entertainment. They are unhappy behind glass or in a cage. Think about it- would you like to be caged as an exhibit while people stare at you? Plus animals trapped in zoos, aquariums, or any other torturous place where they are held captive often live a lot less than they actually would in the wild. At SeaWorld, orca whales die early because of tragedies that don't need to happen. There has literally been a chain of gentle orcas dying. Three orcas died in four months. Don't give zoos or aquariums your money, unless you're positive that the animals are being well-taken care of.

*If you wear makeup, try to make sure the ingredients haven't been tested on animals. I discuss more on animal testing in the Vids and More page, and while the cruelty of animal testing is so horrible, in emergencies it might be needed for medicines. But makeup? No. It's totally unneccessary. Keep your makeup killing-free.

*And of course, never, ever harm or abuse an animal in any way- they don't deserve it. If you ever witness someone being mean or cruel to an animal, contact the police or an organization like the Humane Society.

Together, we can make a difference!

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