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How to Use Facebook to Grow a Small Business

how do businesses use facebook

Using Facebook for social networking is the newest craze amongst the young and old alike. However the benefits of Facebook go far beyond its friend making features and can even reach into the more practical world of small business promotion. Follow some basic and indispensable steps to use Facebook to grow a small business and start seeing a noticeable change in both business interest and revenue.

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Go to and sign up for a free account if you have not already done so. Ensure that the account you are using to grow your business is separate from your personal Facebook as it helps to keep professionalism and credibility high.

Assess which Facebook applications would be best for growing your business. Use the Facebook marketplace to post products or services you might be selling.

Start a group

for your business and invite as many people as possible to visit your Facebook. Link your business website with more in depth information on your services/products to your Facebook to help give interested parties more information.

Browse the hundreds of optional applications available to Facebook users that can help promote a small business such as; the business card application, testimonials, and iSpace to customize your Facebook page to better meet your needs. Keep frequent updates and notes on your Facebook, and send bulletins and mass messages to friends to keep them up on the latest news from your business.

Visit your small business Facebook everyday to help business to grow. Open up a discussion forum in which friends and customers can comment on your business and use those suggestions to facilitate any changes to the business you might need to make.

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