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How do fish go into business


Last updated at 18:59, 15 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 2:37, 23 Dec 2013

You may be wondering what the hell is this mod. or maybe not.

How do fish go into business?…They start on a small scale.

The idea of the mod came to me one day that i was. nobody cares what i was doing that day, it just came to me. I thought that day "i'll add a staff that turns everything into a fish".

Why i thought that is still mysterious.

Why Fishes? Because Fuck You, that's why.

What exacly the Fisherize does? "A blast from Fisherize that turns everything into a fish. Well except those pesky dragons, Ah! and daedras. they're bitches you should know it. Anyway they will suffer the rage of the fish with a explosion effect".

I also added a cape of Fishes that swims arround you and steals life from the foes.

Well i was saying something about the staff.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?… Fsh.

Ah hell yes so i was getting crazy with this fishy topic and i wanted to make a gigant fish that gives you a mission to obtain the staff.

That wasn't possible but this mod removes some usual slaughterfishes and replaces it with a gigant version of them.

Also adds a cave full of angry spirits that are defending the Fisherize.

What do you call a big fish who makes you an offer you can’t refuse?…The Codfather.

What do you call a Shark with a rocket launcher?… Anything he tells you to.

Still with doubts about what this shit is? Check the video

And yes you will become the fish paladin!

Just NMM it or go to steam and subscribe or download it and unpack the rar in your Skyrim Folder

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