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How to download and save YouTube videos on the LG G2x

how do i download and save youtube videos

We show you the quick and easy way to download YouTube videos in MP4 format and save them on your SD card

Online videos are great. You can view them from just about anywhere, and much of the time, they're absolutely free.

But at times, especially while on the go, connectivity can be a barrier between you and the video you want to see.

When coverage-related issues arise, it's just handier to have the videos you want to watch stored right there on your memory card. If you have an LG G2x, achieving this couldn't be easier with YouTube videos.

In this guide, we show you how to locate the video you want and download it directly to you handset.

    1. Navigate your phone's browser to the YouTube

    video you want to download

2. Click on the video's URL and use the Android Web browser to open it rather than the YouTube application

3. While in the browser, hit Menu and then Go To URL

Here's where the magic happens.

    4. The video's URL should be in the URL field. Place your cursor directly after the "www." and type in the word "pwn" before ""

The resulting link should look something like ""

6. Simply tapping the Download High Quality MP4 Video option on this page will download the MP4 file directly to your SD card

Now you have the video you wanted stored on your device for viewing whenever you want, whether or not you have wireless coverage.

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