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Before You Click, Make Sure the Company is Legit

how do i find out if a business is legitimate

T’was days before Christmas and all through the list, a check mark was carefully placed. Except for a few little items, things were looking pretty good for the holidays. That is until one consumer found, not everything is as it seems. The customer placed an order for an iPad through a website called REBECYNG Inc.  After placing her order and getting a an error message, she immediately contacted the business. They instructed her that she must wire the money via Western Union instead. Once the money was sent they told her she needed to pay another $510 because they packaged a double order. When she said she only wanted what she originally ordered,  REBECYNG’s response was that there were no refunds or cancellations. Unfortunately, she had put aside all of her money to purchase the iPad and now will have to start saving again.

Word to the wise, don’t  be fooled into purchasing electronics from an online retailer who has no intention of delivering the items purchased from its website. Complaints to BBB® say the business

asks consumers to pay for the items by sending money via wire transfer. Consumers never received the items or were asked to wire even more money. The business refuses to refund unhappy consumers or answer their emails.

At last check, BBB is unable to locate REBECYNG Inc. The website does not list an address, only an email.  Mail sent to the addresses given by consumers for the business has been returned as undeliverable.  The business is not registered as a corporate entity with the Ohio Secretary of State.  BBB has attempted to contact the business by email, but we have not received a reply.

To help you shop safely online, take the following common sense steps:

Don’t rely on a professional looking website as proof of quality or good reputation.

Investigate a company or seller before you buy.

Find out what the company’s physical address is to avoid overseas scams.

Never give out your personal bank account, credit card number personal information unless you are certain a company is legitimate.

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