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How do i get a small business grant

how do i get a small business grant

Best answer: I'm referencing the comments by the original poster. Tony. Did you say you are 21? It sounds like you are referring to the good music from the 60-80s plus some of the 90s. I used to be able to immediately recognize every song, the performer, etc. From 2000 on, not so much. I think that throughout time, there has always been no shortage of music that sucked. I used to wonder who decided what would be played on the radios (now-a-days we have the internet radio stations which might be different.). I think the choice of what we have heard was initially decided by a limited few persons.

Now, with internet radio and such, theoretically, things could be better. The average listeners can determine what should be played or they construct their own "radio station" as such. That's better in that everyone can have input into what is played or broadcast of the internet or satellite radio. What is interesting is that the selections of what one hears is not

limited to recent music. Maybe this will be better realized when more real stations do fully embrace letting the public decide what should be played.

I tend to enjoy music that truly reflects real talent and that can be judged. A singer's talents can be observed - it's more than carrying a tune but things like vocal range, etc. These things can be taught. Certainly playing musical instruments is a skill that can be heard. Finally, I would say that most of the time, I like the lyrics to well written, as opposed to trite or unoriginal. Sure, I admit to some guilty pleasures that involve silly, as in trite, with little meaning, lyrics.

My view is that there is the notion of the test of time. Hopefully the music that stands the test of time for the first 15 years of the 21st century will reflect on what was the best and not a mere reflection of what reflects the actual blend of everything that defined this time period.

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