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How Do I Get My Business On Google Maps?

how do i get my business on google

Google is the life of today’s technological world. There are many reasons to set up a page for your business. Google is trying very hard for the past few years on mapping the globe. Well, it is all for our benefits. The backbone of the Google is its mapping capabilities. It is very important for your business to be accurately presented on the maps. Only then it will be noticed soon.

How Do I Get My Business On Google Maps?

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Formerly Google map function was termed as “Google places”. It is now a part of “Google my business dashboard”. It helps in tracking and managing your online presence across the various platforms of Google. Platforms like Google+, Google maps, Adwords and Google analytics.

If you are planning to set your business online make sure you type the exact address so that it will become easier for the customer and Google to locate the exact area or location. There are certain steps which you need to follow if this question arises in your mind that how do I get my business on Google maps? The steps are as follows:

Let me explain you how to list your business on Google map or gmail? It is very simple and free. This process is not time-consuming. It will not take more than five minutes of your time.

  • What you need to do is, open a web browser and type in Google “Google local business”.
  • You will get so many options, choose the first one with the link Click on that and it will allow you to add your business location. Sign in with your existing gmail address. Once you sign in you will be redirected to the page where you have to enter all your business details. Click on the “Get my page” and automatically a new page will open. Scroll down and click on “Google my business locations”.
  • After that, you have to add your business location and details. Click on “add a new location”, it will ask you to enter the further details. You also need to import your location from a device to complete this process.
  • Once your process is done, you will get a confirmation or verification call from the google. You need to verify by entering a specific six-digit code provided to you after the completion of your process. Within seven days, your business will be listed on Google map.
  • You can now edit your dashboard accordingly. You

    can make changes to your phone number, category, website and even the opening/closing hours of your business. If you want to add some pictures of your business premises to make it look more attractive and promising online.

  • Not only this, but the dashboard also has reviews, insights, and analytics. You can also add a 3D virtual tour on your dashboard. It will make your brand even more visible.
  • You should always keep one Google account for all your services. It will make everything integrated at one place. With the help of Google analytic, Google shows you the unique visitors that have visited your site. So, make sure you keep these seven services under the same account. It will make your work seamless and easy.
  • Seven services are googled analytical, Google webmaster tools, Google+ business page, personal google+ account, Google adsense, feedburner and Google adwords.

Google will show the latest posts on your blog on the map listing once your website will get verified. This may help your business in Inbound Marketing.

Reviews and Ratings:

It is very important for a firm to get good reviews and ratings on the google. It will help a company in creating a good brand name and status in the market. You can ask your fans or followers for a feedback. Anyone who has visited your store or a restaurant can write a review through his/her google account. After you get few reviews, your business ratings will start appearing based on the reviews and ratings given by the customers. It will appear on the side bar of the Google to make it easier for the viewers.


    Business Updates: It is easier for the brands now to update their business information. Information such as hours, location and news flawlessly across various properties of Google. Communication: It will become easier for the brand to share their variables easier with the shopper. They can share events, news, and photos. With the help of various platforms, the brands can respond and react directly to comments and reviews. Insights: It creates an engagement between the brand and the consumers. It will give the knowledge to the company that where and how their consumers are interacting with the brand. Mobile Access: On Android, Google has launched My Business which is very useful. You will be able to use it anytime and anywhere. Visibility: By uploading more videos and photos of your business location, you will become more visible and popular to all the Google products. So, try something out of the box to make your brand popular.

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