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Local SEO. How Do I Get My Business on Google Maps?

how do i get my business on google maps

A Comprehensive Step by Step Guide

Updated: August 26, 2015

See that area I highlighted in a green box? That’s a Google Maps search result.

My goal in writing this guide is to show you exactly how to get your business ranked (and ranked well) within those Google Maps search results.

Are You in the Right Place?

If you’re a dentist. a lawyer. or you own a coffee shop, clothing boutique, or any other business that is trying to attract new customers, clients, or patients from a specific geographic area (a city like Seattle, for example), then this step-by-step guide was created with you in mind.

This guide is intended to be a practical how-to best practices guide for businesses, not a textbook on Google Maps. It’s a playbook with steps that you can follow to get your business listed and ranked on Google Maps.

Everyone Benefits from Google Maps

Google Maps is great for you, your customers, and Google! Your customers quickly find what they need. Your business is more visible to more customers. And Google’s audience grows as more people discover how easy it is to connect with local


Let’s take a closer look at how you’ll benefit:

Easy Information

People use Google to find the information they need right now. When your business appears in Google Maps search results, your customers quickly see important details about your business. including driving directions, reviews, hours of operation, and a phone number.

Free Advertising

It won’t cost you a penny to have your business listed on Google Places. For our money, there’s no better value in online marketing and advertising than Google Places .

Greater Visibility

When your business shows up on the first page of search results, you’re more likely to receive phone calls or clicks into your website. Getting ranked on Google Maps is a great way to get there.

Fast & Easy Updates

When you make a change on Google Places, they’re live and online within minutes. You won’t wait hours for updates to appear.

Your Happiest Customers Become Your Best Advertising

Google Places allows your customers to review your business, which improves your Google Maps ranking, provides you with valuable feedback about your business, and helps bring new customers, clients, or patients in the door .

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