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How do i make a facebook page for my business

Creating the Page

Step 1

(Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Page Creator. Select the category that best fits your business.


This guide uses the Company, Organization or Institution option for illustrative purposes. While the build process is the same for all business types, there are minor differences in the details you provide for the About section of your page.

Step 2

(Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

Use the Choose a category drop-down menu to select a category that fits your business. With the exception of Cause or Community. each business page type features a Choose a category menu, with options that match the type. Here are some examples of categories you can find under each option:

  • Brand or Product. Food/Beverages, Video Game, Office Supplies.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure. Movie Character, Comedian, Author.
  • Entertainment. Movie, Magazine, TV Show.

    Step 3

    (Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

    Fill out the necessary information in the fields and click Get Started. The information each category requires varies:

  • Cause or Community. Cause or Community Name.

    Step 4

    (Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

    Write a quick and informative description of your page in the About field, and fill in the Website field with a link to your company's website or other relevant social media sites. Enter a unique address in the Enter an address for your Page field that will be easy for your page's visitors to remember.


      • You have only 155 characters for the About field, so keep your description as short as possible.

      Step 5

      (Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

      Click Upload from Computer if your picture is saved on your hard drive, or Import from Website if your picture is saved on your company website's server.

      Step 6

      (Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

      For Upload for Computer. select your picture and click Open .

      (Image: Image courtesy of Facebook.)

      For Import from Website. paste the URL into the address field and click Import .


    • While any sized picture can be used, profile pictures always display at 180 pixels by 180 pixels. Consider making a picture at this resolution specifically for use on Facebook.

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