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How do I promote my business?

how do i promote my business

Networking Events

While my business is under construction I would engage in networking events. preferably ones that I organize.  These opportunities to meet people personally who are interested are great for starting business relationships and of course making impressions. Who do I invite? Local museum & archive directors, cultural promoters, historical families of artists, local businessmen and few selected people. This is where I am at an advantage because I’ve played violin for a museum director, I know a few cultural promoters and I was apprentice to artists once. You’d also find business people at golf courses and usually get invited to play the next day with them.

Feature & Promotional Events

-cultural events

-seasonal parties (Christmas, Valentine, masquerade)

-other party hosting

-not to forget gratuity events for employees

-Ask local stores to

display posters.

-Distribute flyers that contain incentives. (Or do it Japanese style with tissues because that’ll be interesting for the locals)

-Social networking.

-Ask friends and family to spread the business info.

-Get published on the local paper.

Other probably unusual strategies

Because the city is home to the largest university in Region III and to other several universities and schools…….

-Set up a booth and offer students to listen/read your business info for 10 php of mobile credit (yes that amount is something to a Filipino student 20 jpy).

-Collaborate with schools. Advertise in exchange of accepting OJT students and/ employment after graduation.

-Offer dining etiquette learning experience.

-Advertise at the airport, travel agencies, museums.

-Offer pick up/ shuttle service to those who make reservations if they prefer.

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