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how do i protect my business name

Those people searching "My Company Name" are generally looking for help in choosing a company name and setting up a company. Choosing The Company Warehouse as your company formation agent, taking advantage of our years of experience, knowledge and formation expertise, you can not only pick the perfect name for your company, but get the most out of your formation.

Registering online with us will give you access to My Company Warehouse. where you can download tools, take advantage of limited offers and get access to helpful business guides. As well as much more.

Registering My Company Name

If you are planning to form a company and already have a company name in mind then you will want to register it in order to protect it for your undertaking and prevent anyone else from using it.

How Do I Protect My Company Name?

Search the company name database using your company name and make sure it is not already being used by someone else. Then take advantage of our FREE company formation service to register your company name with Companies House within a matter of hours. Properly forming your company, we provide you with all the services you need to get started.

Will My Company Name Be Safe?

Register your company name, by means of company formation does not necessarily give you full protection. It is possible that someone else may use your name for other purposes. Plus if someone has already registered your company name as a trade mark (and you do not check to see if

that is the case before company formation, you run the risk of a legal battle later on. So to get the best protection for your company name it is recommended that you also carry out a Trade Mark Registration. Doing this, you can register and protect your company name, logo, slogan and more, giving it value and the protection that it needs and ensuring that no one else can use it. If you are unsure, take a look at our article on the benefits of trade mark registration on our blog.

What If I am Having Trouble Choosing My Company Name?

If you do not know what name to use for your company, there are other options. We have a number of Vintage Companies on offer, where a company name has already been registered with Companies House. You can choose from a list of company names already registered (and thus both accepted by the registrar and protected) and use one of those instead of carrying out a new company formation with your own company names. There are a number of benefits to purchasing a vintage company over forming a new company. Visit our vintage company page or speak to one of our team for more help

How Do I Promote My Company Name?

Getting your company name seen outside the internet, in the real world is obviously just as important. We can help by creating a company logo and corporate identity to help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered by your customers. The rest is up to you.

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