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How to redeem or update a Savings Bond registration when you are co-owner or beneficiary of an inherited bond

how do i redeem a savings bond
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

My husband has passed away and I would like to redeem some of our savings bonds and change the registration on some. I am named on the bonds as a co-owner. We have E and EE, I and HH bonds. How do I do this?

Tom’s response

When a registrant listed on a Savings Bond dies, the surviving registrant can either cash in the bond or have its registration changed.

If the bond is redeemed, income tax will be due on all the interest the bond has ever earned. If the registration is changed, on the other hand, the bond keeps its tax-deferred status and payment of taxes will continue to be pushed into the future.

If you want to redeem the bond and you are a co-owner, all you’ll need is your personal identification. If you are a beneficiary (your name has POD

in front of it – payable on death), you’ll also need a certified copy of the death certificate of the bond’s owner.

If you would prefer to keep the Savings Bond, you can update the registration by submitting the following form. The form includes complete instructions. Again, if you are the beneficiary rather than the co-owner, you’ll need to include a certified copy of the bond owner’s death certificate.

  • For paper Savings Bonds use Public Debt Form 4000
  • For electronic Savings Bonds, click here to contact TreasuryDirect. They will guide you through the process.

When you change a Savings Bond’s registration, you need to have your signature certified by a financial institution on the form before you send it in.

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