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How do I save a chart as a PDF file?

how do i save a file as a pdf

If you have created a chart on your online family site, please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your family site.

2. Move your mouse cursor over ‘Family Tree’ tab and click on ‘Print charts & books’.

3. Click on ‘My charts’ to view all the charts you have created so far.

4. Locate the chart and click on the ‘View PDF’ option below in order to open the chart:

5. Save the PDF file on your computer.

If you have created a chart using Family Tree Builder software, please follow these instructions:

    Use Family Tree Builder software to create a chart according to your preferences.

Click on ‘Save’ button above the chart that you have just


3. Mark the PDF file option, and click on ‘Next’.

4. Select whether you would like to save a chart on one page or produce a multiple pages file. Click on ‘Next’ to create the file.

5. Add name of your chart, and select where you would like to save the PDF file on your compute.

**By default charts are saved in the project folder on ‘My Documents’ / ‘MyHeritage’ / ’Project Name’ / ‘Reports’ folder. Click ‘Select’ if you want to change the location.

6. Click on ‘Finish’.

7. Leave the ‘Open file now’ checkbox marked if you would like to open the PDF file now.

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